16 Secret Hiding Places For Your Valuables

We are all rather cautious when it comes to storing our valuables, even if it’s in our own homes. So what better way to hide them than somewhere no one would even think about looking? Lets face it, if your house was burgled the first things a burglar would look for is a safe. They would never think about unscrewing screws or taking off wall outlets to find your valuables. This is what makes this list of hiding places so good! Let us know which one you like the most in the comments section below.

screw hiding placeMakezine

stairs hidden storageImgfave

hiding place couchAna-white

outlet hidden storageAvailable to buy here: Hidden Wall Safe (US) (UK)

hiding place shelfInstructables

keyboard storageGeekologie

hiding place bookshelfReddit

hidden tile storageDornob

hiding place artApartmenttherapy

hiding place frameDesignsponge

hiding place hollowbookVividplease

hiding place keyZakkalife

hiding place mirror

couch storage

hiding place pictureApartmenttherapy

bathtub hidden storageBornrich

Source: Awesome Inventions

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