25 Things You’ve Been Doing WRONG Your ENTIRE Life

All our lives, we’ve been told to do certain things certain ways. We follow what others have followed generations before us. If our parents told us to do something a particular way, we did it no questions asked and we teach our future kids to do the same.

But have you ever considered that maybe you’ve been doing some of the most simplest things in life wrong? Do you brush your teeth the right way or do you usually rinse your mouth after you brush? Do you eat cupcakes the right way or do you just eat it the way it is?

Just below we’ve listed some of the many common things people do wrong and how to do them correctly. Check out what you’ve been doing wrong this entire time.

01. Cut mangoes into cubes before peeling and eating them!


02. When making iced coffee, freeze coffee into ice cubes prior so that when the ice melts in the coffee, it’s not diluted.


03. Your bobby pin’s wavy side should be on the bottom.


04. When feasting on chicken wings, easily debone them by grabbing, twisting, and pulling the two bones out.

Start with the smaller bone first.

05. If you don’t like the residue cheesy snacks leave on your fingers, try eating them with chopsticks.

06. When stashing away your garbage bags, try folding each of them into origami triangles to save space.

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07. How to properly seal away an open bag of chips.


08. When making a BLT sandwich, lace various strips of bacon together for proper coverage.


09. How to professionally eat a cupcake.


10. For easier access to the popcorn and to prevent reaching your hand into a greasy bag, try ripping a hole on the surface of the bag instead of opening it the traditional way.

11. Whenever you want to microwave two bowls at a time but your microwave is too small, try placing the second bowl on top of a cup.

12. Instead of placing a tub of ice cream directly into the freezer, place it into a ziplock bag first.

This will help keep it soft and ease the usual difficulty to scoop.

13. Cut watermelons crosswise instead of slicing them.


14. Instead of the conventional way of holding a burger with only the thumbs on the bottom, hold the burger also with your pinkies on the bottom for extra support.



15. When you pack your clothes, roll them up instead of folding them.

This creates more space for more clothes/storage!


16. Don’t rub in your moisturizer, tap it and let it absorb!


17. Earphones should be coiled over the ear so that it stays in place.


18. Break in your shoes right away by putting them on with socks on and blow drying the tightest areas.


19.Life-Changing Hacks for Doing Your Nails


20. Fold your trousers this way so you don’t spoil the crease.


21. When holding a pizza, there should be a U-shape to prevent it from flopping over.


22. When enjoying drinks outside, top the cups with cupcake liners to prevent any bugs from getting into your drinks.


23. Hold you wine glass by pinching the stem, instead of wrapping your hand around it.


24. When eating apples, start from top to bottom instead of from side to side.


25. When crossing out words, instead of drawing lines over them, write other letters over them.

This way, they won’t be legible.


You’ve been taking your shirt off wrong your whole life


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