This Tent Will Totally Change Your Thinking About Camping, Just Enter Inside Once…

The summer is here and along with being the bikini season, it’s the camping season as well. But just in case you’re a bit uncomfortable with the thought of intense sunlight and hotness that wouldn’t let your stay in the tent be cozy, relax. We’ve got something amazing for you.

Kaleidoscope and Orange Communication have invented a revolutionary solar tent under the name of Orange Solar Tent which not only absorbs the heat and reflects extra sunlight, but also gives a radiant glow during the nighttime.

So, have you packed your camping essentials already?

How would you like to have a camping tent this fascinating?


But it’s just not the looks that are breathtaking..


There’s something really special and awesome about these camping tents.

Kaleidoscope and Orange Communication have come up with a revolutionary invention..


The Orange Solar tents are pretty comfortable as well..


Four people can spend cozy and comfortable time in the tent together without giving any crowded appearance.

Initially developed for festivals, people have started using them in all sorts of camping and are loving it..


The solar cells attached are multipurpose..


The tent is made up of solar cells which absorb heat and supply it in the night, thus keeping the tent warm and also reflect excess light and heat in the daytime to make the stay comfortable.

At night, the tents come alive and radiate light with a golden tint


And the amount of surplus energy generated is excellent as well!


The orientation is along the natural airflow and direction of the sun to keep the tent airy..


Prepare yourself to be awestruck with this video of an Orange solar tent!

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