26 Fabulous Garden Decorating Ideas with Rocks and Stones

If you have a garden but you don’t want to spend a lot money to decorate it, rocks and stones may be a good idea for you. Rocks and stones are natural, so you can spend no money getting them. They are everywhere and you can spend no effort to find them. But then can add a few beautiful elements to your garden but require little or no maintenance. All you should do is to collect them and make them beauty your garden according to our ideas provided following.

The ideas here have given the fullest tutorial or most details, so can completely do it yourself. Don’t be late, take action now!

1.DIY Stepping Stones.

rock-stone-garden-decor-1Source: flickr.com:mfeingol

2.A gabion wall creates a dramatic feature in a garden.

rock-stone-garden-decor-2Source: greenlandscapestoenvy.com

3.Make a rock caterpillar.

rock-stone-garden-decor-3Tutorial: nelliebellie.com

4.Spiral Rock Mosaic Path

rock-stone-garden-decor-4Tutorial: thisoldhouse.com

5.Stone garden bench.

rock-stone-garden-decor-5Source: theage.domain.com.au

6.Handmade stone tree, car…

rock-stone-garden-decor-6Source: theownerbuildernetwork.co

7.Painted rock garden markers.

rock-stone-garden-decor-7Tutorial: craftsbyamanda.com

8.Garden bench made with beach pebbles

rock-stone-garden-decor-8Source: lushome.com

9.Make a Tic Tac Toe Garden Table

rock-stone-garden-decor-9Source: hometalk.com

10.Wire and Stone Heart

rock-stone-garden-decor-10Source: countrywomanmagazine.com

11.Strawberry Rocks

rock-stone-garden-decor-11Tutorial: day2daysupermom.com

12.DIY Rock Cactus Garden

rock-stone-garden-decor-12Tutorial: craftberrybush.com

13.DIY Stacked Rock Fountain.

rock-stone-garden-decor-13Tutorial: instructables.com

14.Rock Foot Prints EASY to make.

rock-stone-garden-decor-14Source: harvestheart.tumblr.com

15.Paint small rocks with glow in the dark paint.

rock-stone-garden-decor-15Source: pinterest.com

16.Dog cat stone.

rock-stone-garden-decor-16Source: goodshomedesign.com

17.Rock Concert Stone Art

rock-stone-garden-decor-17Tutorial: instructables.com

18.Stone Patio Benchs

rock-stone-garden-decor-18Source: patiosdepot.com

19.”Our Family Rocks” Seriously cute idea for the garden.

rock-stone-garden-decor-19Source: youtube.com

20.Pebble garden art.


21.A Mini Stone Hobbit Cottage

rock-stone-garden-decor-21Source: stoneartblog.blogspot.com

22.Cute Stone Birdhouses

rock-stone-garden-decor-22Source: empressofdirt.net

23.Paint the stones in your garden.

rock-stone-garden-decor-23Source: buzzfeed.com

24.DIY rain chains from river stones.

rock-stone-garden-decor-24Source: gardentherapy.ca

25.Beauteous Stone Basket Planters

rock-stone-garden-decor-25Source: goodshomedesign.com

26.Cute rock ladybugs.

rock-stone-garden-decor-26Tutorial: pietrevive.it

Source: WooHome

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