21 Most Amazing Design Ideas For Four Kids Room

If you have two kids, a bunk bed can make them comfortable. But what if you have four kids? How can you deal with the space configurations to make the small room  be spacious and tidy? The decor choices seem not easy especially your kids are of two genders and in different ages. Here we provide some wonder ideas for you. They are not so easy to just put two bunk beds in the bedroom. They can both make the kids share a room and each have their own “zones”. Become an omnipotent parent and let your children grow together in an intimate setting. Here ideas are your best choice.

1. Bunk Beds for four with individual storage shelves and two drawers.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-1Source: semelsnow.com

2. Playroom and bedroom combined.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-2Source: houzz.com

3. Boy’s bedroom, bunk bed with a built in reading space…

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-3Source: atlantahomeimprovement.com

4. Nautical inspired bunk room features lots of room for storage with built-ins and under-bed drawers.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-4Source: srgambrel.com

5. A Bunk Room with a wonderful window seat.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-5Source: houzz.com

6. Built-in bunk beds – two twins over two queens with drawer steps.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-6Source: vrbo.com

7. Modern Wooden Cottage Bunk Room in a Small Space.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-7Source: houseandhome.com

8. Rooms with Twin Beds, A Bunk Bed

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-8-1Source: houzz.com

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-8-2Source: houzz.com

9. Adjacent bunks have the storage for books and built-in light alcoves.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-9Source: houzz.com

10. Built in terrace style bunk beds with ample storage spaces and cupboard staircase.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-10Source: caramcbroom.wordpress.com

11. Bunk Beds with a slide.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-11Source: organizeyourstuffnow.com

12. Turquoise and Orange Accented Bunk Room.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-12Source: momtastic.com

13. Bedroom with built in bunk beds and ceiling fan light.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-13Source: houzz.com

14. Kid’s room with four single beds.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-14Source: houzz.com

15. Beach-style kids’bedroom with twin bunk beds.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-15Source: Amy Maguire

16. Four built-in bunks with center stairs, storage under bottom bunks.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-16Source: bobvila.com

17. Small room with angled bunkbeds, two work stations and storage shelves.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-17Source: alderandtweed.com

18. A queen bed, two loft beds and cozy seats in one room.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-18Source: casaevaliza.com

19. Bright, cheery kids room with maximized space.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-19Source: issuu.com

20. Colorful and rustic bunk beds with wooden structures.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-20Source: dainteriors.com

21. Bunk beds for four with personalized decorations.

bedroom-ideas-for-four-kids-21Source: willeydesign.com

Source: Architecture & Design

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