13 Ingenious Storage Hacks for Your Tiny Kitchen

If your home’s kitchen is small space and the cluttered things are an eyesore then it is the time to maximize the limited space with some intelligence. For that we have collected some amazing storage hacks for tiny kitchens, take a look:

1. Pantry in a Cabinet with Smart Storage Racks

1Image via: i repair home

2. Use Plastic Storage Bins to Organize a Cabinet

2Image via: i repair home

3. Use Your Fridge as a Spice Rack

3Image via: davisongoons

4. Narrow Storage on Wheels

4Image via: home harmonizing

5. Mount Plastic Baskets on Fridge with Magnets

5Image via: instructables

6. Utilize the Back of the Door for Storage

6Image via: container store

7. Make Use of the Walls

7Image via: eat well 101 , digs digs

8. A Shoe Organizer can be a Great Grocery Storage Space

8Image via:

9. Hack Any Unused Corner

9Image via: i space design

10. Get a Pull Out Storage Cart

10Image via: decorating files

11. Go For a Slide Out Work Space

11Image Source: diy network

12. Divide the Drawers for Flatware Storage

12Image Source: remodelista

13. Hack the Space Under the Cabinets with Hanging Mason Jar Storage

13Image Source: hgtv

Source: Amazing Interior Design 

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