35 Wonderful Ideas How To Organize A Pretty Small Garden Space

Gardens are a great way to spend extra time. They can bring both life and curb appeal to your home. If you are a green thumb you may feel at a loss without a gardening project near at hand. However, sometimes space and resources do not allow for large and lush gardens

Many people think that creating a nice garden space requires a lot of outside space. But, actually to plant your favorite plants, create a nice dining area or just a space for relaxing and enjoyment, when you are limited in space is not so difficult and impossible. There are many ways how to organize your garden the best possible way and how to use smartly every inch you have in disposal. So, if you want an idea how to organize your small garden take a look at the following 35 wonderful ideas how to organize a pretty small garden space. Enjoy!

What are the pros and cons of a small garden?


  1. Equipment – When your garden is smaller you don’t need massive or expensive tools. Typical hand tools should work perfectly fine for most small gardens.
  2. Fill space – If you have small, unused space around your yard a small garden would be great at filling spaces like this. Small nooks and crannies can be spruced up by a small garden.


  1. Work – A small garden does require less work than a larger garden, but that does not mean that it is no work at all. Small gardens still require maintenance and care to reach full potential.
  2. Noticeable crop loss – Because the garden is smaller, diminished growth becomes more noticeable. When you have crop loss it may be much more difficult to cover up or hide.

There are many ways how to organize your garden the best possible way and how to use smartly every inch you have in disposal. Getting services like The Local Tree Experts will surely be worth it once you see the end result of the project.

Small gardens do not cost as much as larger gardens. They take fewer resources and require less preparation. Gardens under 500 square feet average only $483. This can vary depending on your space and the steps you have to take to get your garden ready.

Small, but very beautiful natural garden with a seating area and a lot of greenery.


The following patio design is a prove that sometimes less is more.


Sometimes a hammocks and wooden furniture is enough to enjoy outdoors in your small garden.


Recycle some old stuffs and use them as a creative and unique addition in your small garden.


An outdoor lounge area combined with vertical garden. Just wonderful.


Greenery and flowers are always not enough. So, make sure to plant as much as possible of them in your garden, or patio.



This is a small modern open lounge area connecting with the small garden where the huge flower pot and pebbles are the focal point.


Another idea for small garden with gravel and wood.


You can use some tiles as well and create a stable seating area.



Make an adorable area for lunch in your patio with a DIY vertical garden and a nice DIY candles centerpiece. Your family and friends will certainly wait with impatience your invitation to have lunch together in such atmosphere and surrounding.


Make most of your garden and plant the best possible plants and most colorful flowers.





This small space is teaming with a plethora of flowers and plants. Just because a garden is small does not mean the flowers need to be. There are plenty of small plants with large bounties.


Small gardens are great for filling otherwise unused space. Here is a small garden along a fence. Fences make great backdrops for gardens. They can add some extra elements to your security.


With small gardens you may choose to use small planters. These planters can be creative or created with different design twists. The best part of most planters is that they can be moved if need be.

AD-Pretty-Small-Garden-Ideas-19Source: Zillow Digs™

The great thing about small cohesive gardens is that they are easily organized. Your small garden will look precise and purposeful with less effort than it would take for a large garden.


This yard may be small but it holds a number of amazing plants. The small garden is perfectly cozy and brings a great deal of life to this backyard.


If you have an open space like a patio you can accentuate it by placing a small garden in the center. This gives the area focus and looks fantastic.


A series of potted plants make a great small garden. These can be moved when need be and are very easy to organize and maintain.

AD-Pretty-Small-Garden-Ideas-23Source: Zillow Digs™

If you live in a location where planting things in the ground is not possible there is no need to worry. Planter gardens make great small gardens for urban areas and you can still be surrounded by greenery.


One thing you can do with a bush garden is line your fences. This is a great use of small gardens as it can liven up your fences and bring some purpose to an otherwise unused space.


If you have plenty of ideas but cannot decide on which one to go with, you may decide to do multiple small gardens. Let your creativity shine and give each of your small gardens different styles and plants.

AD-Pretty-Small-Garden-Ideas-26Source: Zillow Digs™

Small gardens are easy to organize and replicate. This makes twin small gardens possible and easy. Twin small gardens on either side of a feature are a very classy and colorful choice.


If your garden is small enough it can work as a centerpiece for an outdoor table. A satellite garden like this can even match your larger gardens and work to tie your entire design together.


You can use small gardens to divide spaces as well. This half wall is adorned with a small garden that helps divide this outdoor seating area from the rest of the yard.


This small outdoor area is comprised mostly of deck. On the far end a small tree garden brings life to the space. Even in this modern and sleek design the natural bloom of the trees fits in well.  See more of this home here.

AD-Pretty-Small-Garden-Ideas-30Designed by 326 C.O.S. Design

Here is a small space that would otherwise go unused. The small garden makes great use of this space. The vine also creates a great lush backdrop that fills out the look of the garden.

AD-Pretty-Small-Garden-Ideas-31Source: Laurence Simon / Flickr

Stunning small garden with rock border and small waterfall.


I love this small fence around a small garden. Lovely.


A few well placed planters of trees can add a great element to entranceways and patios. These are easy to care for and can be moved and rearranged wherever and whenever you please.


Small garden on top of and surrounding a log.  Smart.


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