25+ Weird Inventions That You’ll Actually Want, But #12 Might Be TOO Weird

As each day passes, a new invention is being thought of, sketched out, and designed. All sorts of products are available to the typical consumer both physically in stores and online. In fact, the Internet has made it easier for people to pursue their inventions as it has provided a platform for these inventors to sell their products. Inventors can even use the Internet to start a public fund (for their product) that anyone with a wifi connection can donate to.

But of course as more useful and practical products are created, inventors feel the need to be more creative. Some of these inventors, however, have crossed the line from creative to just plain weird. Take a look at some of the weirdest inventions we have in our world today.

01. A bed you can only sleep one specific position in.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-01Dominic Wilcox

02. A robot that feeds you tomatoes while you run.


03. A handshake device that allows you to shake hands without skin contact.

Meant for pre-handshakes.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-03Dominic Wilcox

04. A foot powered bike.

…but what’s the point?


05. The pee pocket so women can urinate while standing up.


06. GPS shoes that can navigate you to any desired destination.

This is actually pretty cool.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-06Dominic Wilcox

07. Luxury skimming stones to skim on lakes and shores.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-07Dominic Wilcox

08. Ink pen utensils that you can eat or write with.



09. Funnel glasses for the perfect eye drop.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-09Kenji Kawakami

10. A bra dryer to dry bras.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-10Rex Features

11. Special molds that turn pears into a Buddha shape.


12. Urns customized to look like the person that passed away.


13. A hands free stylus you wear on your nose.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-13Dominic Wilcox

14. Special lady lap pillows.


15. A baby stroller and scooter in one.


16. Hairy stockings for help keep the perverts away.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-16Sina Weibo

17. A work desk for your tree branch.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-17Dominic Wilcox

18. Pants that wink at people while you walk.


19. A device that enables you to listen to the sounds of the city.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-19Dominic Wilcox

20. Grass flip flops so you can feel like you’re walking on grass wherever you go.


21. An AK-47 turned into guitar.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-21César López

22. A portable stroller fridge for watermelons.


23. The space saver – lets you drink water and wash your clothes at the same time.


24. A pair of cat ears you can wear that move based on your mood.


25. Barbie head shoes.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-25Jeffery Campbell

26. Baby shower cap.


27. A car shaped like a pool table.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-27Sudhakar Yadav

28. A shopping cart bike.

AD-Weird-Inventions-That-You'll-Actually-Want-28Jaebeom Jeong

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