We Asked Brits To Label The United States Again, Because It’s A Thanksgiving Tradition

Last Thanksgiving we asked our London office to (try to) label all 50 states. The results were varied at best. A year on we decided to see if they’ve learnt anything since then. Spoiler: They have not.

01. First up, this guy made the rookie mistake of putting his name on the top.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-01Robin Edds

You might live to regret that, Paul*.

(*Paul is a Foreign News Editor, FYI.)

02. This person started well, but then just seemed to give up and decide that everywhere is Indiana.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-02Robin Edds

Which makes the fact that he didn’t actually get Indiana right all the more amusing.

03. Rather predictably, pretty much everyone got California right.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-03Robin Edds

04. There was only one person, however, who correctly identified the great state of A DOG.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-04Robin Edds

05. This person probably wouldn’t want you to know that she’s actually American.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-05Robin Edds

And as you may be able to guess from her map, she’s from the Midwest.

06. Some people nailed it.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-06Robin Edds

07. Some people did not.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-07Robin Edds

08. Only one map correctly identified Lake America.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-08Robin Edds

09. Actually, none of those are Michigan.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-09Robin Edds

10. Bet you didn’t know about the DMZ, right?

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-10Robin Edds

11. Or Texas’ hat.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-11Robin Edds

12. And you’ve DEFINITELY never been to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-12Robin Edds

13. Some people opted for that age-old trick — if you don’t know the answer, draw a tornado.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-13Robin Edds

14. And adding question marks to the end of every answer means that you can be stupid without looking stupid.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-14Robin Edds

OK, so maybe they look a bit stupid.

15. This one is probably the best one, because cat.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-15Robin Edds

16. And then there was geeky geekerson with her dual nationality.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-16Robin Edds

Though after this, one of those nationalities may have to be reconsidered.

17. After looking at this map we spoke to experts and can confirm there there is, in fact, nothing there.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-17Robin Edds

18. You couldn’t really argue with this one.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-18Robin Edds

As we all know, large caps = the truth.

19. Whereas you can DEFINITELY argue with this one.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-19Robin Edds

Way to piss off the whole of Texas!


AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-20Robin Edds

21. Uninterested in a geography quiz, this person decided to list films and TV shows set in each state.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-21Robin Edds

And, to be honest, it’s a thing of beauty. Updated: Here’s a hi-res version.

22. And finally, this person decided to issue a challenge to our friends across the pond.

AD-Britians-Place-USA-States-On-Map-Once-Again-22Robin Edds

Your move, Uncle Sam. (H/T: BuzzFeed)

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