Transformable Space Saving Kids Rooms

Decorating a kid’s room can always be a challenge. Kids grow up so fast that it is impossible to know what they will like or need next year or even next month. While the rooms in this post can’t predict when your teenager will stop listening to Katy Perry and start dressing like Marilyn Manson, they can do one this expertly: transform desk to bed, beds to walls, and one boy’s room into a sleepover haven. Italian design company Clei specializes in these transformable, space saving beds and desks that, as you can see in these photos, work perfectly for kids rooms.


1 | The contrast of bold colors like pink with neutral white and gray keep this bedroom young and playful without being offensively bright. 


2 | What appears to be a normal desk folds down seamlessly to reveal a hidden murphy bed.


3 | When fully revealed, the gray murphy bed is sturdy and comfortable while the original desk is carefully hidden away. 


4 | With plenty of built in shelving, this girl’s room is both stylish and practical. 


5 | When the sleek turquoise desk folds down to reveal a secret bed, it becomes the perfect retreat for a sleepover or visiting cousins. 


6 | Under the murphy bed, the desk area becomes a storage surface and even more shelving is revealed. 


7 | The minimalist desk may not have a lot of features, but that makes it easier to keep clean and free of distracting clutter. 


8 | This creative office area is colorful and bright, perfect for sparking the next great idea.  


9 | Shelving on casters make it easy to move, adjust, and get comfortable in the space in whatever way works best. 


10 | Even better, roll those shelves under the desk and it creates space for the hidden bed inside the wall unit. This cute modern office is now a cute modern guest room! 


11 | As it’s situated here, this office area has a small work space, plenty of light, and a cozy reading bench. 


12 | But move a few throw pillows and a double bed can fold down with ease. 


13 | Whether you want to use an office as a guest room or just remove the temptation to nap, keeping a bed hidden away in the wall is a stylish and creative solution. 


14 | Plenty of shelving and a gradient orange color scheme complete the fun yet organized atmosphere. 


15 | First impressions of this room likely run straight towards the citrus color scheme – lime greens, lemon yellows and a couple of ice blue seating cushions make the room feel like a summertime lemonade.


16 | The sliding door across these bookshelves may not serve a lot of practical purpose, but the aesthetic effect is undeniable. 


17 | The floor shelf can easily slide underneath the desk surface to make room for this hidden bed. 


18 | The secret to the sleek look in all these space saving rooms is the perfect measurements. Each piece from shelving to bed to desk is carefully measured to nestle inside other the other pieces without disassembling, forcing, or otherwise hassling. 


19 | As it stands here, a comfortable bed, a wide desk, and plenty of shelving and closet space make this room perfect for a kid of any age. 


20 | But once again a hidden bed, this time a bunk bed, creates an instant space for guests of any age. 


21 | A fold down ladder makes the bunk bed safely accessible while the desk below becomes simple storage space. 


22 | You can see that in a pinch, even the bedside table will slide underneath the main bed for extra room. 


23 | Bright and bold greens and purples create a feminine look for this room that isn’t oppressively pink. 


24 | Instead of folding down underneath the bed, this desk actually raises up and sits above the bed for additional storage and convenience. 


25 | The larger bed also folds up, creating an office or study area with plenty of gathering room or even space for a teenage dance party. 


26 | Cute blue rugs with cloud details given an cartoonish feeling to the room – in a good way.


27 | A cozy pink bunk bed with a solid fold down ladder is the perfect nap area for any little girl. 


28 | For even more space, fold down the twin bed that’s nestled behind the desk. 


29 | With the shelving in this room, fold up both beds and it’s easily a library/office. 


30 | A tucked away bed, closet space galore and even a cozy bean bag chair make this a great boy’s room. 


31 | Fold up the bed in a snap and it becomes a boy’s office, free from distraction. 


32 | For sleepovers or brothers, a second bed can be folded down above the first. Instant bunk beds without sacrificing the desk. 


33 | The sherbet colors of this girls room makes it perfect for teens or tweens. From the fuschia furnishings to a wild zebra rug.


34 | Fold down a narrow bed and the desk lifts up, meaning it doesn’t have to be cleared off to get extra sleeping space. 


35 | A deep pink desk stool is ergonomic and stylish. 


36 | The whole point of these rooms is that the folding beds can save space, which means the room doesn’t need to be big to begin with. 


37 | This purple kid’s room, for instance, is relatively small but still has room for two beds because they can both fold up into the wall. 


38 | The folding bunk beds are not heavy or unwieldy, though kids should be supervised when converting the beds themselves. 


39 | When both bunk beds are folded up, there is plenty of floor area for play time. 


40 | Boys don’t tend to need as much closet space as girls, making this modular corner closet a perfect solution. 


41 | Fold up the double bed for extra space. 


42 | And fold down the narrow bed for extra sleeping space. 


43 | This larger girl’s room has shelving and enough desk space to work in pairs. 


44 | Providing proper modern shelving makes it more likely that the messiest of teens will keep the room clean. 


45 | A fun addition to this particular room is the mirrored murphy bed. Fold it up at a moment’s notice and there is a full length mirror for practicing dance moves or just checking out a look.


46 | There is also plenty of space for shoes and clothes in the corner closet, which includes drawers as well as hanging space. 


47 |


48 |


49 |


50 |

Whether you have a huge house and need some extra space for guests or less square footage but still want your kids to have comfortable sleep overs, these convertible beds offer an affordable, stylish solution for any room in the house.

Photos courtesy of Home Designing 

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