12 Tiny Apartment Design Ideas To Steal

just when I think I’ve seen the tiniest studio apartments in Paris making efficient use of every last inch of space, some interior design blog or sneaky little Pinterest photograph sends me back to the drawing board with a new physics-defying way of making the most out of living in a small space.

01. Provided You’re Not Afraid Of Heights…

AD-Provided you’re not afraid of heights…

02. Seriously Smart Minimalist Design

Stairs as storage, bed tucked away on the landing; a bit like the design of a boat, this flat has some very clever ideas.

AD-Seriously Smart Minimalist Design

AD-Seriously Smart Minimalist Design-01

AD-Seriously Smart Minimalist Design-02

AD-Seriously Smart Minimalist Design-03

AD-Seriously Smart Minimalist Design-04

03. Dream Interior Design

I love this idea of using the foot of the bed as a desk area …

AD-Dream Interior Design

04. How To Do Open Plan

They’re doing it right.

AD-How To Do Open Plan

AD-How To Do Open Plan-0105. Square Feet:420

AD-Square Feet:420

06. Build A Fort

This is kind of dorky but also takes you back to your childhood when you would build forts in your bedrooms. Remember, when we used to like small spaces?

AD-Build A Fort

182-square-foot (around 55 square meters). This is the apartment of Steve Sauer and he says:

“What I really wanted was one place with exactly what I needed and wanted. Quality is more important than quantity for me, and extra space only a problem.”

07. High Ceilings, High Ceilings, High Ceilings!

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! This tiny Brooklyn Studio belongs to a couple, Erin & James in Brookln New York. It is a teen tiny 240 square feet.

AD-High Ceilings, High Ceilings, High Ceilings!

AD-High Ceilings, High Ceilings, High Ceilings!-01

AD-High Ceilings, High Ceilings, High Ceilings!-02

AD-High Ceilings, High Ceilings, High Ceilings!-03

08. How To Do ‘Long & Narrow’

They’re doing it right.

AD-How To Do ‘Long & Narrow’

09. Cozy As Can Be.

It’s all about how you angle the furniture… and a big fat fireplace to centre the room..

AD-Cozy As Can Be

10. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Bunk Bed.

They didn’t.

AD-Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Bunk Bed

AD-Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Bunk Bed-01

11. How To Get The Most Out Of That IKEA Bookcase.

I wanted to include this little studio simply because of the way they’ve utilized one of IKEA’s best selling items– that bookcase. We’ve likely all seen it or something similar in one of our friends’ apartments but this clever guy puts the very ordinary book shelf in a whole new light for me. Cosy and clever.

AD-How To Get The Most Out Of That IKEA Bookcase

12. Separate Yourself.

Those are some pretty awesome partitions.

AD-Separate Yourself

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