10 Cool Bathtub Enclosure Ideas For Your Bathroom

Have you got a bathtub that seems too simple and boring in the whole look of your bathroom? If yes then instead of going for a new bathtub altogether you can go for building a bathtub enclosure. In other words give a new look to the old bathtub. There are a lot of options for bathtub enclosures and you can choose the one that suits your style and the existing interior of your bathroom. So, take a look at some chic and cool bathtub enclosure ideas that can be your inspiration and you will surely want to try:

01. Build an Enclosure with Faux Stones in This Way and Hang a Curtain

2Image via: pinterest

02. Bring Reclaimed Wood Into Use for Achieving a Rustic Look

3Image via: houzz

03. Create An Alcove By Building an Arched Wall with Some Chic Curtains

4Image via: houzz

04. Opt for Something Quirky Like a Corrugated Metal Sheet and Curtains

5Image via: cottagedreamers

05. Clad The Inner Walls with Aqua Subway Tiles and Install a Glass Door for a Spa Like Feel

6Image via: centsationalgirl , thefoodogatemyhomework

06. Cover The Bathtub in Panels and Add Shelves on Its Either Sides

7Image via: houzz

07. Design a Contemporary Style Combo of Porcelain Tiles and Dark Glass

8Image via: houzz

08. Install Floor to Ceiling Glass Doors for a Spacious Bathtub Area

9Image via: houzz

09. Design a Classy Enclosure with Mosaic Marble and Moldings

10Image via: houzz

10. Bring Style with a Metal Framed Glass Door Along with Matching Tiles Around The Bathtub

11Image via: houzz

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