Think Outside the Box and Stay Inside it at The Naka Phuket

Corporate General Manager

Name : Mr. Sawai Sombat

Design Architect Detail

Name : Mr. Duangrit Bunnag

Company : Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited (DBALP)

Becomes Design Member Since : 1 August 2012

Hotel Soft Opening Date : 8 February 2013

Official Opening Date : November 2014

The Design & Concept: To be in one with nature…


It all begins with a single thought of achieving the perfect balance by famous architect Thann Ajarn Duangrit Bunnag who is well known for many of his work and masterpiece.

An unconscious thought that has evolved and manifested into sublime seductive resort that is beautifully integrated the basic element of nature, earth, water, sky, tree into each and every corner of the resort to allow the guests to enjoy maximum level of relaxation amidst the nature’s greatest wonder of mountain and the ocean. With the scenic mountain as perfect backdrop and embraced by the exclusive beach, this provides a great balance for all guests of The Naka Phuket.

The word “naka” in Thai culture means holy serpent or what we sometime call “Phaya Nag”. Well respected by Thai and mentioned in many legends, Phaya Nag is often seen as a symbol of good fortune and greatness. The NakaPhuket is designed with the concept to represent this greatness.


The Location: Hidden away in paradise but right on the fringe of vibrant Patong…

The NAKA Phuket is situated on the West Coast of Phuket Island, on beautiful landscape on the exclusive beach front consisting of 44 rai or 1740 acres. The resort is nestled among the Kamala hillside and is exclusively hidden away in a tropical garden along with breathtaking beaches on the island. Beautifully integrated with nature environment and directly on the private beachfront where the amazing sunset is well known worldwide.

Pool Villa One Bedroom Exterior I

Pool Villa One Bedroom Interior I

Pool Villa One Bedroom Interior II

Pool Villa Two Bedroom Exterior II

Resort Area Beachfront Mainpool

The Villa and service: Guests comfort stay is our number one priority task …

The NAKA Phuket is a place where your equilibrium is derived from 180 ̊ degree sea view pool villa and a breath of peaceful mountain. All 94 pool villas stand out with engineering cutting edge design; each villa optimally integrated the basic elements of natures; water, sky, tree and earth for you to revitalize your balance. Each villa features an elegantly designed overhanging bedroom, protruding 6 meters beyond the edge offering guests unique sleeping experience.

– POOL VILLA 1 BEDROOM (205 sqm.)

Set on the island’s granite landscape, the 1 Bedroom Villa enjoys premier views of the sea, just steps from the shoreline. The villa offers 205 square meters including their own patio and balcony. This Villa features an overhanging bedroom with king size bed, full setup mini bar, dining and living room. Set right in each living room, an LED television 46 inch, home entertainment system with personal library of HD movies and satellite TV channels.

Last updated on : 8 August 2014 by Kirk S.

The Naka Media Kit for Soft Opening Stage


Directly on the exclusive beach and only few steps to the ocean, the 1 Bedroom Beach Front Pool Villa offers the same luxurious set up with an additional private garden within the villa. Total area of 232 sqm. Guests will be treated to sumptuous spread of afternoon tea in villa or right on the beach at The NANA beach bar.

– POOL VILLA 2 BEDROOMS (437 sqm.)

Ideal for family vacations and longer stays, 2 bedrooms Pool Villa offers the exclusivity of a private home, with spacious comfort for hosting two couples traveling together, large groups of friends. Our 2 bedrooms villas are all beach front with an area of approximately 437 square meters plus their own patio or balcony.

– POOL VILLA 3 BEDROOMS (526 sqm.)

Large rooms with a magnificent view for an unforgettable stay designed to offer maximum comfort, the 3 bedrooms Villa benefits of a private terrace with view over the sea 3 bedrooms villas offer the exclusivity of a private home, with spacious comfort for hosting family and friends in approximately 526 square meters of its space. Inviting indoor and outdoor living space includes the most up to date amenities.

The Naka Exterior I

The Wiwa Wedding Chapel I

View from Pool Villa Three Bedrooms

Villa Exterior Beachfront II

Villa Exterior Beachfront III

Villa Exterior Beachfront IV


Our Top class restaurant s serve exquisite cuisine, where every single meal in our menu is prepared with the freshest ingredients available, offering guests’ fine dining experience with vast variety of menu and cuisine. Our restaurant has been designed to make the most of the pleasant view which prevails on the west coast of the island. Our world-class chefs and service staff provide a wide range of food and beverages within the single goal: The highest quality dining and service in Phuket.

The NAVA: All day dining restaurant

The word “Nava” means the flow of water in Thai is built with grand concept to facilitate and support the restaurant with the ability to cater to a huge flow of diners and guests who look for a trendy place to chill out.

The NANA : Beach bar

The word “Nana” means diversity and our beach bar will allow guests of diverse nationalities a place to hang out to enjoy the most out of the evening with cocktail or casual dining by the most picturesque sun set, right on the exclusive beach.

The WIWA: Wedding chapel

Literally means wedding in Thai language, the WIWA offers an area of more than 500 square meters of function ballroom in its own artistic design. With natural day light and sea view and only few steps to the platform by the Olympic size swimming pool, it serves as the largest multipurpose function ball room by the beach in Phuket.

The MEKA : Roof top restaurant and bar (Completion in November 2014)

The word “Meka” means sky and being located on the highest peak of The Naka Phuket, it sits high above the sea level, offering healthy meal and drinks alongside the main dish of “freshest air” and unobstructed view of Andaman Sea.

The NAPA: SPA (Completion in November 2014)

The word “Napa” also means the sky. The Napa resides in 5th storey tall tower with most outstanding modern and contemporary design. With artificial water fall, flowing continuously from the edge of the tower top offering the most stunning visual backdrop seen from anywhere in the Naka Phuket.





In room entertainment & services

Wifi Internet: Wifi Internet is available for complimentary access in the villa.

Last updated on : 8 August 2014 by Kirk S.

LED Television & Blu Ray Player : All guests’ rooms are equipped with up to date home entertainment system. LED TV & Blu Ray Player are available in all guests’ villa to allow guests to enjoy latest high definition blu ray movies as well as DVD content right at your own living room in the villa.

HD Movie streaming (Xtreamer HD Movies) : Addition to blu ray player, guests can also enjoy movies in room from over 30 titles through streaming device.

Mini Bar : Mini bar items & drinking water are complimentary and will be replenished on daily basis.

Bathroom amenities & footwear : We provide a complete set of bathroom amenities and hair dryer, indoor flip flop and outdoor sandals for your convenience.








Unique selling points of The Naka Phuket

LOCATION: Hidden away in paradise but right on the fringe of vibrant Patong…

• Situated on the West Coast of Phuket Island, on beautiful landscape on the exclusive beach front consisting of 17.40 acres. / 44 Rais

• 10 minutes to Patong with complimentary shuttle service

• 40 minutes to Phuket International Airport

• Easy access to several key points of interest

• In balance with nature, nestled among peaceful hill side and embraced by exclusive beach front offering full privacy.

DESIGN & CONCEPT: Where your equilibrium is derived from every aspect…

• Each villa optimally integrated the basic elements of natures; water, sky, tree and earth for you to revitalize your balance.

• Elegantly designed, cantilevered and overhanging bedroom, protruding 6 meters beyond the edge offering guests unique sleeping in ‘mid air’ experience.

• A balance of classic simplicity and modern contemporary

• Room number indicates the height from the sea level and direction it is facing.

VILLA: Spacious and luxury area of 205 – 526 sqm. 180 degree ocean and Mountain View cantilevered bedroom with private infinity pool & sun lounger…

• 180 degree ocean and mountain view in cantilevered bedroom and balcony

• Equipped with high definition (HD) home entertainment system, 46 inch LED TV with Blu Ray player and personal library of HD Movies in each villa.

• 32 square meter infinity pool with ocean and mountain view, outdoor sheltered stone bath

• Complimentary mini bar items; replenish on daily basis

• Gracious Thai hospitality


Facilities & key features

• Olympic size swimming pool fitted with LED night light, 50 meters in length and direct on exclusive beach front.

• 200 meters exclusive and unspoiled beach front offering total privacy for resorts’ guests.

• The Nana Beach Bar, direct on beach front with easy access from guest’s villa.

• The Nava Restaurant, one of the largest ocean view all day dining restaurant on the west coast with an area of 700 square meter and able to cater to 450 guests at the same time.


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