20 Of The Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

Sure, there’s something spooky about them. But also something undeniably striking.

01. Craco, Italy


Despite being in existence since 540, much of this town’s population evacuated during the 20th century due to poor agriculture, a landslide in 1963, and a flood in 1972. Now it’s an ancient site so striking that is even that has served as the set for movies like “The Passion of the Christ”.


02. Saint Nicholas Church


This flooded church of Saint Nicholas  sits in the Mavorvo Lake in Macedonia. The destruction was actually intentional; the lake was created to support a power plant, and the church and surrounding village were merely caught in the wake of progress. What’s left is an eerie juxatpositon of the dilpidated building against the lovely landscape.


03. Gougi Island


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