Take A Tour Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s $18.5 Million Apartment In Trump Tower

Cristiano Ronaldo just injected jet fuel into the fiery rumors that he’s moving across the pond when his contract with Real Madrid expires in 2018.

The New York Post reports that the Portuguese soccer star just dropped a cool $18.5 million on an apartment in New York City’s Trump Tower. Before Ronaldo purchased it, the 2,500-square-foot pad belonged to Alessandro Proto — a business partner of Donald Trump’s.

Bonnie Chajet of Warburg Realty handled the listing.

Ronaldo’s new Trump Tower apartment on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue doesn’t look anything like a pad the stylish footballer might buy — yet.

AD-Cristiano-Ronaldo's-$18.5-Million-Apartment-In-Trump-Tower-01Warburg Realty

The reason for the relatively modest apartment’s surprisingly high price is that it is an “L apartment” in Trump Tower. Read: It has uncompromising and panoramic views of Central Park.

AD-Cristiano-Ronaldo's-$18.5-Million-Apartment-In-Trump-Tower-02Warburg Realty

The interior was designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux, who is well-known known for his “maximalism” style.

AD-Cristiano-Ronaldo's-$18.5-Million-Apartment-In-Trump-Tower-03Warburg Realty

The kitchen is a bit cramped, but there is space for a small breakfast nook.

AD-Cristiano-Ronaldo's-$18.5-Million-Apartment-In-Trump-Tower-04Warburg Realty

The family room is also a bit small, but the large floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of light.

AD-Cristiano-Ronaldo's-$18.5-Million-Apartment-In-Trump-Tower-05Warburg Realty

Three bedrooms occupy the 2,500-square-foot apartment.

AD-Cristiano-Ronaldo's-$18.5-Million-Apartment-In-Trump-Tower-06Warburg Realty

The smaller third bedroom would make a perfect study or home office.

AD-Cristiano-Ronaldo's-$18.5-Million-Apartment-In-Trump-Tower-07Warburg Realty

The bathrooms are well appointed, with plenty of marble and mirrors.

AD-Cristiano-Ronaldo's-$18.5-Million-Apartment-In-Trump-Tower-08Warburg Realty

Even the shower has incredible views.

AD-Cristiano-Ronaldo's-$18.5-Million-Apartment-In-Trump-Tower-09Warburg Realty

The apartment has incredible 360-degree views that are visible even from the shower.


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