Shipping Container House That Is Expandable And Comfortable

Shipping container house that will stop your breath is already well planed and ready to build. The project called EBS block (Expandable Building System block) has will thought and organized all a family needs from a home.

It is just a regular shipping container house that is expanded into a regular home dimensions. It has dynamic structure that makes it folded in the container dimensions and expandable size too. That home offers great living conditions and there is even planned outside sitting area, on the terrace which is perfect for relaxation.


This shipping container house I mobile so can be transported in any location you want. There are many windows that provide high level of sunlight and lovely view. Pleasant atmosphere of the home interior says that this can be a real home to many families who love to travel and to move a lot.

Where can be Used the Shipping Container House

This is a type of house that can be used everywhere and in many fields of the life. Commercial, industrial and personal needs can be pleased by the house. Because of its capability to be easily moved, the house can be a spacious office in the construction field, star cabin on a tour, or any other functional role it can get.







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