What Happens When People Are Bored At Work (50+ Pics)

On a regular day, you would never dream of spending 6 hours turning an avocado into a piece of art, or covering an entire page of your notebook with mind-blowingly intricate doodles, but it’s amazing how creativity is sometimes spurred by a lack of focus. According to Wharton University professor Adam Grant, procrastination actually makes your brain more inventive, and some of the most famous thinkers (Martin Luther King Jr., Leonardo Da Vinci) were known to produce their best work at the last minute – I Have a Dream, anyone?

If you’re sitting at your desk right now and feeling guilty for constantly drifting away from that project you were meant to finish 2 hours ago, cut yourself a break and embrace all that ‘free time’ you’re giving yourself. If you’ve made your own masterpiece in a moment of extreme distraction, add it to our list at the end! (H/T: Bored Panda)

01. Box Of Pringles + Bored Engineer


02. Mechanic At My Work Got Bored And Welded This In His Spare Time This Week


03. Office Safari. That’s A Thing


04. What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored


05. Have You Ever Been Bored At Work?


06. What My Sister Does When She’s Bored At Work


07. Saw This In The Office Today


08. Bored At Work, So Made Bowser With Post-Its


09. My Friend May Have Way Too Much Time On His Hands


10. Here’s A Guy With Free Time


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