20+ Creative Uses Of Nail Polish That You Need To Try

Using things differently is becoming more and more popular nowadays. As for nail polish, it’s an important part of our fashion accessories. Everyone knows its primary use is to decorate our nails. But do you know that nail polish can do so much more than freshening up your fingers and toes? Below you can find more than 20 creative ways you can use nail polish. Some of them are great tips that will help to make your life easier. Others are creative DIY projects with nail polish that are fun and fantastic. They are also nice ways to use up the nail polish that you don’t use anymore. Let’s check out all these creative uses of nail polish. Enjoy!

01. DIY Watercolor Coffee Mugs


These marbled effect coffee mugs look beautiful and will add a lovely colorful touch to you kitchen. They also make beautiful gifts because they are handmade and unique.

Tutorial via The Kurtz Corner

02. DIY Nail Polish Marbled Eggs


Dip your Easter eggs into the mix of nail polish to create the unique marbled effect on the eggs. Great Easter decorations!

Tutorial via Hello Natural

03. Stop Pantyhose Runs with Clear Nail Polish


This is probably one of the oldest yet most practical tricks in the book. If you snag your tights or pantyhose accidentally, seal the hole and stop the run by simply putting some clear nail polish on the hole.

Image via Daily Vanity

04. DIY Revamp an Old Necklace with Nail Polish


Revamp an old necklace with nail polish to make it look shiny and like new.

Tutorial via Makeup and Macaroons

05. DIY Nail Polish Flowers


Make these beautiful spring flowers with wire and nail polish.

Tutorial via YouTube. Image via Fab Art DIY

06. DIY Phone Case With Nail Polish


Use different colors of nail polish to decorate a plain phone case.

Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess

07. Fix Scuffed Shoes with Nail Polish


Cover wear and tear on your shoes with nail polish.

Tutorial via Flutter and Sparkle

08. DIY Easy Statement Necklace


Make an easy colorful statement necklace using bobby pins and nail polish.

Tutorial via Craftberry Bush

09. Nail Polish Marbled DIY Planters


A fun project to make nail polish marbled planter.

Tutorial via Hello Natural

10. DIY Kate Spade Inspired Dot Stud Earrings


Create these stylish colorblock stud earrings to add to your fashion collection using your favorite colors of nail polish and some wood buttons.

Tutorial via In Honor of Design

11. DIY Nail Polish Colored Necklaces


Add a splash of colors to your chain necklaces with nail polish.

Tutorial via Crème de la Craft

12. DIY Neon Chain Earrings


Add a splash of colors to your chain earrings using nail polish.

Tutorial via A Splendid Assemblage

13. DIY Painted Neon High Heel Sandals


Refashion your old sandals by adding the neon color using nail polish.

Tutorial viaLove Maegan

14. DIY Glitter Phone Charger



Customized your phone charger with some glitter nail polish.

Tutorial via College Gloss

15. DIY Painted Sunglasses


Add a colorful touch to your sunglasses frame by dabbing your favorite colors of nail polish on it using q-tips.

Tutorial via The Paper Mama

16. DIY Nail Polish Colored Headphones


Add a colorful touch to your headphone.

Tutorial via Crème de la Craft

17. DIY Marbled Glassware


This is a great way to spice up plain clear glasses.

Tutorial via Honestly WTF

18. Painting the Inside of Rings with Nail Polish


If you are sensitive to costume jewelry, you can avoid turning your skin green by applying a clear coat of polish to the side that comes in contact with your skin, such as the inside of a ring or a cuff bracelet. The polish acts as a protection between your skin and the jewelry.

Tutorial via Bit Square

19. Threading a Needle Easier Using Clear Polish


Threading a needle can be frustrating. Here’s a little trick for you. Dip the end of the thread into clear nail polish and allow it to dry. When the end is hardened, then you can pull it through the needle easily.

Tutorial via Instructables

20. DIY Color Code Your Keys


If you have too many keys, it’s a good idea to color code them with nail polish.

Tutorial via A Bubbly Life

21. Conceal Car Scratches With Nail Polish


Cover up slight scratches on your car with nail polish. Be sure to use the nail polish with a color that closely matches the car.

Tutorial via Life Cheating

22. Personalized Your Christmas Ornaments Using This.


23. Color Your Pots.



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