British ‘Disneyland’ Is Set To Open In 2021

Hollywood-on-Thames: Britain set to get a £2billion Disneyland-style theme park in 2021 with BBC, Paramount and Aardman Animations attractions

  • The London Paramount resort in Kent, financed by Kuwait’s Al-Humaidi family, is set to attract 50,000 tourists daily
  • It will be located near Ebbsfleet International station, on the Eurostar route between London and Paris
  • Attractions will include a water park, theatres, live music venues, rides and cinemas and around 5,000 hotel rooms
  • The 872-acre site is nearly twice the size of the Olympic Park and will be built on the Swanscombe Peninsula

Britain is to get a £2billion theme park that could rival the scale of Disneyland Paris – and it could open its doors as early as 2021.

Measuring twice the size of the Olympic Park, the London Paramount Entertainment Resort is to be built on the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent.

It is estimated that around 50,000 tourists a day will flock to the attraction, which will include a large indoor water park, theatres, live music venues, rides, cinemas, restaurants, event space and 5,000 hotel rooms. (H/T: Daily Mail)


Attraction: Developers have unveiled plans to build one of the biggest theme parks in the world in Britain. The £2billion, 872-acre entertainment complex will create an estimated 27,000 jobs


The resort, which will feature a theme park, water park, cinema and large theatre,  is expected to open in 2021


Hints of attractions can be seen in the plans, with a Mission: Impossible training centre detailed in sketches and Star Trek emblems on rides


Plans for the resort appear to show a Star Trek themed land, with the emblem visible on one of the rides

The theme park is being financed by Kuwait’s Al-Humaidi family and is set to feature attractions themed around BBC Worldwide shows, Aardman Animations and Paramount Pictures, the oldest major Hollywood studio in existence.

This could mean that elements from films including Mission: Impossible and The Godfather could feature throughout the resort.

The deal with the BBC may mean that some of the corporation’s biggest characters, such as Doctor Who and the Daleks may also make an appearance.

The project is said to have suffered a number of delays since its proposal, including planning application setbacks.

The main opposition has been from companies from the industrial estate that will be cleared to house the tourist attraction.

Following meetings with local residents last year, construction is now set to begin in 2018.

It is estimated that the resort will create around 27,000 jobs in the area and boost tourism to other attractions on the outskirts of London such as Knole and Hever castles.

Fenlon Dunphy, chief financial officer of the company, said to the Western Daily Express: ‘This is going to have a hugely significant impact on the economy – we will dovetail into a lot of the other attractions in the area. It will be a game changer for much of Kent.’


There is no indication yet as to which of Paramount’s films might form the basis of any of the theme park’s attractions.

However, with such a huge library of films it has produced, co-produced or has distribution rights for, it could include any number of hit films to bring visitors flocking.

The Indiana Jones series and Transformers, both distributed by Paramount, would be provide ideal themes for rides too.

In particular the mine chase from Temple of Doom could offer an experience similar to Disneyland’s Thunder Mountain runaway train.

To appeal to younger visitors, the park’s creators could well look to 2010 hit How to Train Your Dragon for inspiration, and a Top Gun style flight simulator can’t be out of the question.

The production company has any number of horror movies it can incorporate into a ride with a fear factor, such as the Friday the 13th series.

The agreement with the BBC means programmes such as Doctor Who and Top Gear could feature in lands, rides and games across the new park.



When it opens, the UK theme park will be competing with Disneyland Paris for European visitors. Although it is not an official design picture, this rendering shows a castle, similar to at the French resort


The Paramount park will feature a number of themed areas with rides and attractions. This concept shows how the port could be created



Further setbacks were experienced in February, when they massively overstated their cash assets, according to The Sun.

The accounting error stated that London resort Company Holdings had £291,000 in the bank, when it actually had just £952.

Other concerns include how the surrounding area will cope with the increase of tourists.

Peter Fleming, leader of Sevenoaks District Council, told the news site: ‘We have not got a lot of accommodation for tourists at the moment.

‘People already come to our area and find they cannot get a bed.’

The park will be located near Ebbsfleet International station, which is on the Eurostar route between London and Paris.



Lucrative: One of the major films in the Paramount stable is Titanic (right) and a BBC favourite that could make an appearance is Doctor Who (left)


The website says that the park will contain ‘exciting rides and attractions for families, children and the more adventurous thrill-seeking visitor.’ In this design a river rapids ride can be seen in the Adventure Isle section


Another one of the themed lands is said to be called Entertainment City, which could be where the cinema and theatre attractions will be opened


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