Self-Taught Photographer Finds Unique Way To Shoot Weddings… Reflected On Rings

Some of you might remember Peter Adams-Shawn, whose eye-reflection wedding photos we covered last year. Well, still your beating hearts, because Adams-Shawn has also been taking ring-reflection wedding photos, although he says it’s much more difficult. Called “Ringscapes,” Adams has been experimenting with such shots since 2012.

“The project has evolved quite a bit over the last couple of months to some much more challenging compositions,” Adams-Shawn told Peta Pixel. “I figure at some point standard reflections in rings will be a lot more common … so I need to push things even further,” he elaborated in a separate interview with the Epoch Times.

What’s next for Adams-Shawn? Rumour has it that he’s experimenting with taking photos of soap-bubble reflections, and we’ll be sure to let you pandas know when and if he’s successful!

More info: Memories of Tomorrow | Facebook (H/T: Bored Panda)

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