40+ Organization And Storage Hacks For Small Kitchens

For many of us, kitchen is one of the places in our home where we spend a lot of time. Organizing and tidying up our kitchens is not an easy task, especially when we have limited room space and with so many stuffs and clusters like cooking tools, kitchen gadgets, utensils and supplies of food. Luckily, there are always some ingenious organization and storage tips out there that can help us organize our small kitchens wisely. Here is a round-up of more than 40 organization and storage hacks to help you save space and have a neat and organized kitchen. These hacks are easy and budget-friendly. From taking advantage of the space inside the cabinet doors to using tension rod to maximize the space under the kitchen sink, these space-saving hacks will help to make your small kitchen cleverly organized and your cooking pleasant. Hopefully you will get inspired and put some of these ideas into practice. Enjoy!

01. Make use of the inside of your cabinet doors to store spices and kitchen utensils

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-01Tutorial via Jenna Burger

02. DIY canned food organizer to fit the narrow space in your kitchen

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-02Tutorial via Classy Clutter

03. Turn unopenable kitchen drawers into real storage by installing kitchen sink tip outs

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-03Tutorial via Domestically Speaking

04. DIY kitchen corner drawers

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-04Tutorial via Instructables

05. Use wire closet racks as cabinet organizers for canned food

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-05Tutorial via Family Handyman

06. Use tension rod to hang cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-06Tutorial via A Thousand Words

07. Improve your pantry with slide out shelves

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-07Tutorial via Slide Out Shelf Dallas

08. Turn a vertical bakeware organizer on its end and use it to stack pans horizontally

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-08Tutorial via Martha Stewart

09. Stick magnetic spice racks to the side of your refrigerator

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-09Tutorial via Instructables

10. Double the counter space in your kitchen by building burner covers

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-10Tutorial via The Kitchn

11. Use towel bars to store pot lid inside pantry door

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-11Tutorial via Martha Stewart

12. DIY Vertical kitchen organization

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-12Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess

13. Use egg crate to organize small items in the drawer

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-13Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

14. Store cutting boards in a magazine holder mounted on the inside of the cabinet door under the sink

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-14Tutorial via Smartaleck Studio

15. Install a railing system in the backsplash area that holds baskets for various kitchen items

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-15Tutorial via No. 29 Design

16. DIY pegboard wall organizer

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-16Tutorial via Apartment Therapy

17. Store your knives in this pull-down rack from the upper cabinet

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-17Tutorial via My Home Ideas

18. Mount the paper towel holder on the cabinet door to free up space

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-18Tutorial via HGTV

19. No pantry? You can build shelves and gain some great pantry like storage

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-19Tutorial via An Inviting Home

20. Organize spray bottles under the sink with a tension rod

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-20Tutorial via Martha Stewart

21. Build storage trays to maximize the space under the kitchen sink

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-21Tutorial via Family Handyman

22. Convert a cabinet with dividers to store items that stack on their sides

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-22Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

23. Use the side of your fridge as a spice rack

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-23Tutorial via Dav.i.son

24. Add a simple wooden shelf on top of the existing cabinets

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-24Tutorial via One King Slane

25. Increase your cabinet space with under-the-shelf racks

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-25Tutorial via HGTV

26. Free up some counter and drawer space with a magnetic knife strip

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-26Tutorial via Snacko Backo

27. Organize spices in mason jars

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-27Tutorial via The Country Chic Cottage

28. Take advantage of the vertical space under the sink with two Command hooks and a small plastic basket

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-28Tutorial via iheart organizing

29. Turn magazine holders into freezer shelves

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-29Tutorial via Aunt Peaches

30. Hang your pots over a pot rack pendant light in the kitchen

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-30Tutorial via HGTV

31. DIY roll-out pantry to take advantage of the empty space next to the refrigerator

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-31Tutorial via Instructables

32. Utilize the space on the side of the cabinet

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-32Tutorial via Not Martha

33. Divide the space of a deep drawer with a sliding insert

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-33Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

34. Use tension rods as pantry dividers for easy and space-saving storage

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-34Tutorial via Martha Stewart

35. DIY mason jar organizers to make use of the space under your cabinets

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-35Tutorial via Post Road Vintage

36. Organize pot lids with a towel rack

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-36Tutorial via Instructables

37. Maximize the storage space under the sink with a DIY pocket organizer

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-37Tutorial via Imperfect Homemaking

38. Attach a magazine holder to the inside of the kitchen cabinet door for easy access

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-38Tutorial via The Wandmaker’s Mother

39. Take advantage of the inside of your cabinet doors to store spices

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-39Tutorial via Becoming More Domestic

40. Use a cup holder to store cups vertically

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-40Tutorial via HGTV

41. Lazy Susan corner storage to take advantage of the hard-to-reach space in the corner of a cabinet

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-41Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

42. Increase cupboard space by using a serving tray as a shelf divider

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-42Tutorial via Martha Stewart

43. DIY trash bag organizer under the kitchen sink

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-43Tutorial via Simply Organized

44. Turn awkward corner cabinet into a pot rack cabinet using hooks

AD-Organization-And-Storage-Hacks-For-Small-Kitchens-44Tutorial via Childfree Chic

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