40+ Creative DIY Holiday Candles Projects

Decorating your home with your family is probably one of the most exciting things to do during the holiday season. Do you want to include candles in your holiday decors? Candles are wonderful ways to set a cozy ambiance in your home and are perfect little details to add to your home decoration. Instead of buying them in the stores, why not customize your decors with DIY? That’s why we have collected more than 40 creative DIY holiday candles projects for you to add a festive air and put a finishing touch to your holiday room. They are all easy and inexpensive to make. You can use a mason jar, a teacup, some cinnamon sticks and wine glasses to make a unique candle holder. Or you can add glitters and other ornaments to the candles to make them look extra special. They will make fantastic centerpieces on your party tables. They are also great handmade gifts for the holiday. Whether you are using them for a Christmas festive dinner with your family, or displaying them on your holiday tables, these creative DIY holiday candles will give your home the feeling of warmth and love, and help you set the holiday mood. Hope you love them and get inspired to make some of them!

01. Maple Leaf Mason Jar Luminary


AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-01-1Tutorial via Create Craft Love; Images via Mason Jar Crafts LoveCreate Craft Love

02. Evergreen Candle Holder

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-02Tutorial via Handimania

03. Easy Handmade Holiday Centerpiece Idea with Berries and Branches

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-03Tutorial via 33 Shades of Green

04. Upside Down Wine Glasses Candle Holders Centerpiece

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-04Tutorial via Interior Designing Blog

05. Cinnamon Stick Candles



AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-05-2Tutorial via Home Stories A to Z; Image via hobbycraftHome Stories A to Z

06. Floating Candle Centerpiece With Flower





AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-06-6Tutorial via cyn1890

07. Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-07Tutorial via Crafts by Amanda

08. Magical Christmas lanterns

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-08Tutorial via Adventure in a Box

09. DIY Epsom Salt Glitter Snow Mason Jar Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-09Tutorial via The Inspired Room

10. DIY Holiday Floating Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-10Tutorial via Adventure in Making

11. DIY Epsom Salt Ornaments and Candle

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-11Tutorial via Thrifty Parsonage Living

12. Illuminating Holiday Jars

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-12Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

13. Snowball Votive Candle Holders

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-13Tutorial via Just Another Hang Up

14. Festive Little Luminaries Using Cheese Shaker Containers

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-14Tutorial via The Homeless Finch

15. Upside Down Wine Glass Candle Holders Centerpiece

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-15Tutorial via As Long As It’s Fancy

16. Old Jam and Mason Jar Candle Holders

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-16Tutorial via decor8

17. Berry-Trimmed Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-17Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

18. Glittered Candleholders

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-18Tutorial via Martha Stewart

19. Stained Santa Votives

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-19Tutorial via Mom Spark

20. Easy Holiday Centerpieces

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-20Tutorial via 33 Shades of Green

21. DIY Layered Scent Holiday Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-21Tutorial via Hello Natural

22. Glitter Dipped Christmas Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-22Tutorial via Create Craft Love

23. DIY Bookpage Jars

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-23Tutorial via Arrow & Apple

24. DIY Gold-Dippe Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-24Tutorial via Vicky Barone

25. DIY Copper Candle

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-25Tutorial via The Merrythought

26. DIY Holiday Shimmer Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-26Tutorial via Ann’s Entitled Life

27. Candy Cane Candle

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-27Tutorial via CASADEBERRY

28. DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-28Tutorial via Heart. Love. Always.

29. Glass-Etched Votive Candle Holders

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-29Tutorial via Crafts Unleashed

30. Birch Log Candle Holders

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-30Tutorial via Lifeovereasy

31. 12 Days of Christmas Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-31Tutorial via Spark & Chemistry

32. Yarn Wrapped Christmas Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-32Tutorial via Design Improvised

33. Glitter Candles with Double Stick Tape

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-33Tutorial via Merry Brides

34. Easy Christmas Teacup Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-34Tutorial via Sew Country Chick

35. DIY Party Favor Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-35Tutorial via Paper & Stitch

36. DIY Fall Centerpiece with Pine Cones, Candle and Vase

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-36Tutorial via May Days

37. DIY Christmas Jewelry for Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-37Tutorial via Life on Lakeshore Drive

38. Candy Cane Candle Centerpiece

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-38Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

39. Snow Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-39Tutorial via Reckless Glamour

40. Cranberry Floating Candle Jars

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-40Tutorial via A Pretty Life

41. Repurpose Old Sweaters or Wool Socks as Candle Cozies

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-41Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

42. DIY Charming Cookie-Cutter Candles

AD-Creative-DIY-Holiday-Candles-Projects-42Tutorial via POPSUGAR

Which one is your favorite? Please bookmark this post as we will continue to update with more DIY holiday candles ideas. Stay tuned!

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