20+ Famous Movie Scenes That Were Actually AMAZING Miniature Models

There is a lot of work that goes into making good films. Everything begins with a good and compelling story. Casting talented actors to bring the words off the pages to life can make or break a movie. After that, everything begins to flow in like costumes, makeup, and location.

Nonetheless, when the story calls for locations that do not even exist in this world or are impossible to recreate, directors and producers turn to the genius minds of set decorators. These men and women have created the epic and breathtaking worlds of some of Hollywood’s favourite and classic films. Take a look inside the magical world of movie sets.


AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-01United Artists


AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-02Warner Bros.

The Lord of the Rings

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-03New Line Cinema

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-05New Line Cinema

The Grand Budapest Hotel

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-09American Empirical Pictures

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-10American Empirical Pictures

The Fifth Element


Escape from New York

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-13Embassy Pictures

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-14Embassy Pictures

Superman Returns

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-15Warner Bros.

Harry Potter

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-16Warner Bros.

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-19PolyGram Filmed Entertainment


AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-20WingNut Films


AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-21Focus Features

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-22Focus Features

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-23Paramount Pictures

Superman (1978)

AD-Famous-Movie-Scenes-That-Were-Actually-Amazing-Miniature-Models-24Warner Brothers

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