There’s A $17.5 Million Fallout Shelter For Sale In Case Nuclear War Happens

The subterranean home includes a 15-seat home theater.

A 45-foot-deep underground bunker in southeast Georgia has recently been listed for $17.5 million. The 12-bedroom, 12-bath lair was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1969 during the Cold War for $7 million. In 2012, the subterranean facility was fully renovated to meet government standards for underground residences. Located two hours from Savannah, the 14,000-square-foot home includes 32 acres of land and features a private theater with 15 seats, a modern kitchen with granite countertops, two business centers, and two conference rooms. The bunker, which can withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear explosion, includes a 1,000-gallon storage tank filled with water from a 300-foot-deep well from a nearby aquifer.

The Bunker Design

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-01Harry Norman Realtors

A 45-foot-deep underground bunker goes on sale for $17.5 million.


Bedrooms: 12 Bedroom

Bathrooms: 12 Baths

Area: 14,000 sq. ft.

Price: $17.5 Million

Ever wish to live in the setting of an exciting Tom Clancy novel? One in which you can hide in your own secret underground bunker? Well, now you can, all while enjoying movies in a personal home theater.

Layout #1

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-02Harry Norman Realtors

Layout #2

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-03Harry Norman Realtors

The Walk Down

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-04Harry Norman Realtors

Big Boy Kitchen

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-05Harry Norman Realtors

Screening Room

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-06Harry Norman Realtors

Living Room For The Group

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-07Harry Norman Realtors

Small Den For Reading

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-08Harry Norman Realtors

Long Hallways

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-09Harry Norman Realtors

One Of The Bedrooms

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-10Harry Norman Realtors

Clean Bathrooms

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-11Harry Norman Realtors

Sitting Area

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-12Harry Norman Realtors

Another Bedroom Look

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-13Harry Norman Realtors

From The Outside, They’ll Never Know You’re There!

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-14Harry Norman Realtors

AD-Massive-Underground-Bunker-In-Georgia-Goes-On-Sale-For-17.5-Million-15Harry Norman Realtors

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