Loch Ness Is Back As A Tea Infuser

Bats aren’t bugs, and the Loch Ness Monster is real, are the two big revelations of 2016. Made by former cryptozoologists at OTOTO Design, these Baby Nessie Tea Infusers will change tea-time forever. Prefer to drink coffee? Well, then you’d better head back the way you came, friend.

Baby Nessie is made of food-grade silicone, and splits open so she can be filled with tea leaves. Pick one up for just 14 USD; it’ll be the perfect thing for your “the X-Files is back on the air” party!

More info: Amazon | Ototo Design (H/T: Gizmodo, Bored Panda)

This Cute Loch Ness Ladle Will Terrorize Your Soup

It’s not often that you can describe a soup ladle as “cute” or “unique,” but that’s exactly that this adorable Loch Ness monster ladle is – it’s a cute, soup-serving version of everyone’s favorite Scottish terror of the deep.

Designed by Ototo at Animi Causa, this little monster will be able to terrorize the deep and hopefully warm depths of your soup pot for $15 as soon as its February launch date comes around.

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