25+ Insanely Efficient Products You Wish Existed

Imagine our potential if we didn’t have to unscrew bottle caps.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-00Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. This toaster that toasts your bread and piles it up for you, neatly.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-01George Watson / Via designboom.com

2. Or this toast launcher, because using hands is overrated.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-02Ivo Vos / Via ivovos.com

3. This toothbrush that turns into a fountain that’ll rinse your mouth.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-03David Ponce / Via ohgizmo.com

4. This single-serving butter that has a lid you can use as a butter knife.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-03Yeongkeun Jeong / Via yankodesign.com

5. This gum container that lets you save your gum TWO different ways.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-05Gonglue Jiang / Via yankodesign.com

Because you’re never around a trash can when you want to spit it out for a new piece.

6. This fry holder with a built-in ketchup pocket.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-06BunJuPun / Via bunjupun.blogspot.it

Behold, the POCKETCHUP.

7. These seed containers that make planting seem so much more doable.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-07RAGINI SAHAI / Via raginisahai.com#/seedspoon/

8. A drip-catcher coffee mug.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-08Kim Keun Ae / Via yankodesign.com/05/29/a-drip-free-world/

Because getting up to get a napkin to clean your coffee spills is too much work.

9. This self-opening container of milk.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-09Raw Edges / Via inspirationfeed.com

10. This color-scanning, color-adapting pen.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-10Jin Sun Park / Via dornob.com

11. This cake pan with a taste-tester portion.

12. This revolutionary “chopoon” utensil.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-12Aïssa Logerot / Via yankodesign.com/12/18/chopoon-or-spooncho/

Even if you’re a chopsticks pro, getting those tiny bits of rice is ridic hard.

13. Or this clever cup lid.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-13Bae Su-kyoo and Noh Haeun / Viayankodesign.com/07/16/ketchup-on-the-top/

Because fries make you real thirsty.

14. This ingeniously easy-to-open bag of chips.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-14Junpyo Kim / Via behance.net

15. This shell-collecting nut bowl.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-15Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbaek / Via yankodesign.com

16. This trash can that helps you tie knots without the gross hassle.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-16Yijin Chou / Via yankodesign.com

17. This cake cutter and server contraption.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-17Urban Butik / Via yankodesign.com

18. This triple-threat utensil set.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-18DesignWright / Via designwright.co.uk

19. This dustpan that traps the dust for you.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-19Aaron Saxton / Via behance.net

20. This single-hand bandage dispenser that saves you from opening an actual box.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-20Vivi Feng and Yu-Ping Chuang / Via thedieline.com

Ain’t nobody got time to open a box when you’re gushing blood everywhere.

21. This biodegradable, all-in-one fast-food tray.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-21Ian Gilley / Via behance.net/1284855/Fast-Food-Packaging

22. This two-in-one paint bucket and roller tray.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-22FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB / Via behance.net

23. This easily accessible sock package.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-23Stine Strand / Via behance.net

Again, stop with the boxes, companies. I want to wear my new socks as soon as I walk out of the store.

24. This beautifully assembled nail box.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-24Enle Li / Via behance.net

So you don’t poke your hands when reaching for perilously sharp nails.

25. These squeezable shampoo and soap bottles that stick to the wall.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-25Jung Hyun Jee / Via yankodesign.com

26. This yogurt container that has a lid that turns into a spoon.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-26Cho Hye-seung / Via yankodesign.com/04/07/spooning-the-yogurt/

27. This soap package that dissolves in the shower.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-27Aaron Mickelson / Via disappearingpackage.com

Not only is this ridiculously eco-friendly, it requires little to no skill in opening boxes!

28. This no-clutter ladder of cough drops.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-28Andrew Zo / Via andrewzo.com

29. This mess-free to-go sandwich box.

AD-A-World-Designed-For-Lazies-29Ana Gabriela Castañeda Solano / Via behance.net/Take-Away/2333282

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