35+ Insanely Awesome And Inexpensive Things You Need For Your Bedroom

Whether it’s in a dorm, an apartment, a house, or a castle—you need cool shit for your room.

1. A nightstand caddy that lights up when you clap.


It goes dark again after 30 seconds have passed.

Price: $9.49

2. A pennant that knows the answer.


And the answer is always tacos.

Price: $25

3. Decals to decorate your light switch.


What sort of feel do you get from *your* light switch? Maybe it’s a pirate vibe… or possibly a rabbit.

Price: $6.95

4. A lunar landscape light for your wall.


You can pretend that George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life lassoed the moon for you.

Price: $36

5. A pillow that looks like your pet.

Minus the shedding.

Price: $30

7. A tissue box you can store your stuff on.


A handy dandy addition to your nightstand.

Price: $11

8. A giant, huggable slice of pizza.


You’ll be sad you can’t eat it, but at least you won’t get covered in grease.

Price: $25

9. Unicorn bookends to keep your reading material in an upright position.


Fantasy creatures for either side of your fantasy books.

Price: $24.95

10. Wallpaper you don’t have to make a longterm commitment to.


These wallpaper strips are removable and reusable.

Price: $27

11. Knobs for cat people and dog lovers.


Use them to add character to a boring nightstand or dresser.

Price: $10

12. A “doorganizer” to keep you from forgetting things as you leave your room.


Notes, keys, your phone: whatever will fit into the three little pouches or on the hook.

Price: $15

13. A ram to hold your rings.


On his horns and his stubby little tail.

Price: $12.99

14. A marquee letter that lights up.


You’ll finally be able to see your name in lights.

Price: $9.99

15. A sleep mask with sequin eyeshadow.


Maybe you’ll have sparkly dreams when you wear it.

Price: $6.99

17. A log you can cuddle with.


Maybe (like the Log Lady’s log) it has something to tell you.

Price: $21.99

18. Triangular dry erase and chalk boards to use like pattern blocks on your walls.


Wall decoration that looks cool *and* serves a purpose.

Price: $6.99

19. An accessory organizer you hang in your closet.


Makeup, jewelry, sunglasses: use it to keep your small things organized.

Price: $26.99

21. …or a glowing gummy bear.


For people who are still a bit afraid of the dark.

Price: $29.99

22. A pillow cover that knows your plans.


“Never leaving bed” would probably be more accurate.

Price: $22.21

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AD-Awesome-&-Inexpensive-Things-You-Need-For-Your-Bedroom-22-1John Gara and lhcalligraphy.com

23. A rug covered with a fleet of alpacas.


They’re almost too cute to step on.

Price: $28

24. A cactus to hang your necklaces on.


It will also hold coats and clothing (anything under 10 pounds).

Price: $17.95

26. An inexpensive duvet cover with an abstract print.


The print will help to camouflage crumbs from in-bed snacking.

Price: $29.99

27. A photo display that looks like a clothesline.


Complete with teeny tiny clothespins.

Price: $24.99

28. Wall hooks shaped like delicious fruit.


“Fortified with everything you need to help keep coats and jackets off the floor.”

Price: $12.95

29. An alarm clock you keep under your pillow.


You can set it to wake you up with a vibration, a sound, or a combination of both.

Price: $19.99

30. A pillow that will make you hungry.


For doughnuts. So many doughnuts.

Price: $20

31. Cute ceramic critters to hold your knickknacks.


Cat or fox…. cat or fox—it’s a hard decision to make.

Price: $22

33. Curtains covered in brightly colored flowers.


These’ll keep your windows looking cheery even when it’s grey outside.

Price: $27.99

34. Twinkle lights encased in blue crystals.


It’s like Walter White collaborated with a fairy.

Price: $32

35. A throw to keep you warm while you play video games.


You could even buy a lamp to go with it.

Price: $24.99

36. An elephant who wants to hug you with her trunk.


That may sound somewhat creepy, but just look at this picture: it’s cute!

Price: $33

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