25 Gorgeous DIYs For Your Teenage Girl’s Room

Craft store beware.

1. Flower lights

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-01Oh Happy Day / Via ohhappyday.com

Put those cupcake liners to use by pairing them with leftover twinkle lights for a look and style that’s all her own. For the tutorial go here.

2. Custom charger

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-02Love Feast Table / Via lovefeasttable.com

No need to ask “who’s charger is this?” when it’s covered in glitter! Find the tutorialhere.

3. Cardboard Letter Sequin Sayings

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-03Pop Cosmo / Via popcosmo.com

Sparkle it up with this easy DIY that’ll make a sweet statement. Customize with her own choice of words, paint and sequins. Find the tutorial here.

4. String Chair

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-04Seventeen / Via seventeen.com

Use colored string to add some bold flair to her boring old desk chair. Find more infohere.

5. Twinkle light canopy

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-05Cottage Instincts / Via cottageinstincts.blogspot.com

A thin curtain, a hole punch and some twinkle lights are all you need to make her room magical. For tutorial go here.

6. Jewelry Organizer

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-06Landeelu / Via landeeseelandeedo.com

Pick up a frame from the dollar store, grab the spray paint and some drawer pulls and your teen will finally have the organizer she needs for all her baubles. For the tutorial go here.

7. DIY Waste Basket Nightstand

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-07House Of Turquoise / Via houseofturquoise.com

Spray paint cute garbage cans and flip them over to make cute nightstands. For more info go here.

8. Pom pom Rug

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-08Handi Mania / Via handimania.com

Finally a way to use up all those leftover pom-poms in the bottom of the craft drawer! Find the full tutorial here.

9. Washi Tape Cork board

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-09House to Home Blog / Via housetohomeblog.com

Get creative with some cork board, washi tape and a ruler to help her stay organized with this quick DIY. Find the full tutorial here.

10. Washi Tape Light Switch

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-10Washi Tape Crafts / Via washitapecrafts.com

Washi tape can do double duty with plate personalization giving her room a custom feel. Find the tutorial here.

11. Shopping Bag Supply Holders

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-11Le Zoe Musings / Via lezoemusings.com

Short on storage? Corral everything from hair ties to markers in these bags from her favorite stores. Find the tutorial here.

12. Upcycled Dresser

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-12ScrapHacker / Via scraphacker.com

Add some creative flair with paint, scrapbook paper and more. Find more ideas here.

13. Instagram wall

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-13TaterTots & Jello / Via tatertotsandjello.com

Instagram is life and selfies are the ultimate in self expression. Let your teen showcase their friends in a fun way with this selfie wall. Choose their favorites then upload images to Shutterfly or a similar website and print 5×7s for as low as 99 cents. For the tutorial go here.

14. Bubble Chandelier

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-14Pop Sugar / Via popsugar.com

Bubble balls, fishing line, silver wire and ceiling hooks are all you need to help her bring boutique-brand chic into her space with this “frou frou” bubble chandelier. Find the tutorial here.

15. Chalkboard Wall

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-15Life In Grace / Via lifeingraceblog.com

Have a blank wall? Apply some chalkboard paint or vinyl for a great way to leave “love notes” and reminders for your teen or for them to express themselves. Find more info here.

16. T-Shirt Rag Rug

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-16HGTV / Via hgtv.com

Get some use out of those outgrown shirts and throw together a rug that’s both soft and chic! All she needs is a glue gun and a few old shirts! Find the tutorial here.

17. Studded Wood Wall Art

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-17Infarrantly Creative / Via infarrantlycreative.net

If “all gold everything” is already her mantra, this DIY is perfect for her. A few pyramid cones, a piece of wood and gold spray paint is all it takes. Find the tutorial here.

18. Paint Chip Calendar

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-18DIY Ready / Via diyready.com

Use an old frame and some paint samples to customize a calendar that can be updated with ease. Find the tutorial here.

19. Pom-Pom or Flower Pendant

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-19Crafty Nest / Via craftynest.com

Transform a paper lantern with a few faux flowers, pom pom fringe and a glue gun. You’d never know this whole project was done for less than $25 and in less time than it would take to find just the right pendant in stores. Find the tutorial here.

20. Custom Flower Mirror

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-20Better Homes & Gardens / Via au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Upcycle an egg carton and grab the glue gun to add some floral fun to her mirror. For tutorial go here.

21. Paper Mache Unicorn Head

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-21Lil Blue Boo / Via lilblueboo.com

Who doesn’t love unicorns? Your teen will die for this cool DIY that lets her embrace her inner magical creature. Find the tutorial here.

22. Confetti Wall

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-22Just Destiny Mag / Via justdestinymag.com

Use easy to apply vinyl decals to create whatever design she can dream up. Find the tutorial here.

23. Kitschy Bookends

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-23Natalme / Via natalme.com

Balance those books with favorite figurines from her youth. Spray paint in a vibrant hue, glue to wood and voila! Find the tutorial here.

24. String Art

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-24Honey & Fitz / Via honeyandfitz.com

An inspiring word string art sign is much easier than it looks with this cool tutorialhere.

25. Paint Custom Hangers

AD-Gorgeous-DIYs-For-Your-Teenage-Girl's-Room-25Apartment Therapy / Via apartmenttherapy.com

Take basic wooden hangers, sand if needed, and spray paint. Let her go wild with colors for a cool customized closet. For tutorial go here.

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