This Secluded Hotel Has A Magical Secret… Wait Until The 3rd Photo

There’s a really cool boutique hotel located between Nairobi and the Ngong Hills Nature Reserve. There’s something very special about it. It’s reminiscent of 1930’s grandeur with art deco features, elegant furnishings, four-poster beds, green gardens, terraces, and beautiful courtyards. The property is on 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest.

The hotel is an iconic historical building dating back to the 1930s. In 1974, animal-activists Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville purchased the property and developed the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife to rear and re-introduce Rothschild giraffes to the wild.


Guests enjoy full-board during their stay, which includes all meals and most drinks. But the coolest and most unique thing about the hotel…


…is that giraffes freely roam about! There are ten giraffes that live on the property!

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-03Giraffe Manor

Warthogs live here too!

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-04Giraffe Manor

The giraffes might try to kiss you.

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-05Giraffe Manor

The friendly giraffes will pop their heads in for a visit several times during the day.

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-06Giraffe Manor

You can stroll across the lawn to the AFEW Giraffe Centre to learn about the endangered Rothschild Giraffe or take a guided walk around the sanctuary.

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-07Giraffe Manor

Have you ever had breakfast with a giraffe or two?

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-08Giraffe Manor

Giraffes come to eat carrots, Lucerne grass, and to lick salt blocks.

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-09Giraffe Manor

Guests are encouraged to feed them pellets and vegetables. So be prepared!

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-10Giraffe Manor

But sometimes they like to just help themselves.

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-11Giraffe Manor

The mansion has 10 elegantly designed rooms and high-vaulted ceilings.

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-12Giraffe Manor

It can accommodate up to 25 people.


All meals and some drinks are included with your room.

AD-Girrafe-Manor-Nairobi-Kenya-14Giraffe Manor

This is where breakfast is served.


You can also dine outside and enjoy the animals and the gorgeous view.


But if something is missing from your plate, then you know who took it!


What a great place!


You’ll probably never want to leave!


To find out more about the Giraffe Manor, check out The Safari Collection.

Wow! This looks like so much fun, another bucket list add for sure. If you think this is a cool place to stay, share it with your friends.

Tourists got a surprise on their safari when a giraffe gave birth right in front of them!

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