24 Genius Products Your Bathroom Needs Right Now

Your bathroom is a barren wasteland of grime, foul stenches, and distasteful decor. Why not try spicing it up with some of these brilliant products that will make your bathroom a luxurious and alluring facility where people will come from afar to do their business. (H/T: Oditty Mall)

01. This Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder That’s Shaped Like a Cloud


Made from solid concrete, this cloud shaped toilet paper holder can hold up to 20 rolls of toilet paper, or more depending on how risky you’d like to stack it.

$125.00 Buy Now

02. This Urinal Attachment For Your Toilet


No need to put the toilet seat down any more… Simply insert your pee-stick into what looks to be the mouth of some sort of monster, start peeing, and your urine will make its way down the hose and right into the toilet.

$45.00 Buy Now

03. This Device That Curves Your Shower Curtain Outward To Give You More Room


The Curvit attaches to any standard shower curtain to give you more room for activities in your shower, plus, there will be no more accidental rubbing up against that nasty grime on your curtain.

$24.99 Buy Now

04. The Slothzilla Shower Curtain


Add a touch of laziness to your morning shower, plus the epic scenery will entertain you while you brush your teeth afterwards.

$35.00 Buy Now

05. This Bath Mat Made From Actual Moss


Nothing like the fresh feeling of moss in between your toes the second you step out of the shower.

$Concept Buy Now

06. This Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder


Claim the throne as your own! This medieval knight will do thy bidding as you do thy business.

$62.90 Buy Now

07. This Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper


This glow in the dark toilet paper will light your way as you stumble to the can in middle of the night after a night at the taco buffet.

$10.99 Buy Now

08. The Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder


Perfect for taking those selfies on the pot, this Polaroid camera toilet paper dispenser will class your bathroom up by giving a bit of a retro feel to it. (No it’s not actually a camera)

$28.00 Buy Now

09. These Guitar and Piano Toilet Seats


Now when you come back from the bathroom and someone asks you where you were, you can respond with “I was just dropping a huge solo on my guitar”.

$200.00 Buy Now

10. This Toilet Themed After Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Carl


Yes. That’s just what I want. A bunch of FREAKS sitting on my FACE.

$Concept Buy Now

11. This Shark Laundry Hamper


Feed those dirty undies to this floor standing great white underwear eating machine.

$185.00 Buy Now

12. This Light Saber Toilet Plunger


May the force be with you as you attempt to dislodge this beast. Maybe you can get some help from C3-PU, Han Colon, or Boba Fart.

$Concept Buy Now

13. These Toilet Stickers That Give You Target Practice


Take your anger out on your boss in the safety of your home bathroom by placing his photo in your toilet with these sticky protective cases.

$9.95 Buy Now

14. This Creepy Shadowy Figure Shower Curtain


Sure to scare the crap out of your wife or kids the next time they enter the bathroom, this creepy shower curtain is perfect for Halloween time or everyday use depending on how much you care about the well being of your family.

$36.87 Buy Now

15. This iPad Toilet Paper Holder


Sure, who wouldn’t want an exclusive iPad for your bathroom? Although I would suggest using disposable gloves each time you use it, either that or burn it after each use.

$47.19 Buy Now

16. This Sink Faucet That Makes A Beautiful Swirl Design With The Water


I keep throwing my wallet at the screen but nothing seems to happen…

$Concept Buy Now

17. This Game of Thrones Toilet Wall Decal


With the Game Of Thrones inspired toilet decal, you can turn your boring porcelain poop receptacle into a glorious iron throne replica that will strike fear into the heart of your enemies.

$25.95 Buy Now

18. This Touchless Toilet Flusher


Make that poo disappear with the wave of your hand. Plus you won’t have to push the flush handle with your foot anymore.

$99.97 Buy Now

19. This Toilet Paper Holder That Notifies You When You’re Low On Toilet Paper


Being trapped on the toilet with no toilet paper is no laughing matter. Although it’s your own fault for not looking beforehand. The Roll Scount is a device that notifies you on your smart phone if you’re running low on toilet paper. Never again will you have to waddle your way over the toilet paper cabinet, trusting that your butt doesn’t drop any treats onto the floor in the process.

$49.00 Buy Now

20. This Black Toilet Paper


No you don’t need black toilet paper, but you want it. There’s no reason for you wanting it, but you want it anyway.

$24.00 Buy Now

21. This Foosball Pole Towel Rack


Instead of just tearing off a pole from your current foosball table and nailing it to your wall, why not just purchase one that’s meant for it.

$156.00 Buy Now

22. This Dog Butt Toilet Paper Holder



The dog butt toilet paper holder is a toilet roll holder that you mount on your wall and when you need to wipe your ass, just dig your hand into the dog’s butthole and pull out some toilet paper to rub on your anus to clean the poop off. Simple as that.

$24.95 Buy Now

23. This Santa Clause Toilet and Rug Set


Now you can give your sweets to Santa this year in a different way, just pop open that toilet lid and plop down one of your special treats for Santa to enjoy.

$18.90 Buy Now

24. This Gun Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush


One way or another you’ve gotta clean your poop stains off the toilet, so you might as well look like a bad-ass while doing so.

$9.00 Buy Now

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