Game of Thrones Last Episode Inspires Hilarious Reactions (20 Pics)

Spoiler alert! Well, with this out of the way, we can all talk about the shocking ending of the Game of Thrones episode that aired on Sunday. People’s reactions varied from crying (like I did) to creating witty memes.

Take a look at a few of these humorous tributes to the lovable giant Hodor and tell us what your own reaction was. (H/T: Bored Panda)

01. Hold The Door

AD-Funny-Hodor-Memes-Game-Of-Thrones-Hold-The-Door-01Still Rolling Hard

02. Some Slick Bastard Defaced This Elevator


03. Oh Cool, I’ve Found A Great New Door Stop For The House

AD-Funny-Hodor-Memes-Game-Of-Thrones-Hold-The-Door-03Aaron Itzerott

04. Spotted At My University


05. Just Mounted His Portrait By The Entrance


06. Yes!


07. Dear Whoever Did This – Not Cool

AD-Funny-Hodor-Memes-Game-Of-Thrones-Hold-The-Door-07Original Funko

08. He Was The Best Of Men


09. One Time I Went To Hold The Door & It Was The Worst Decision I’ve Ever Made In My Life

AD-Funny-Hodor-Memes-Game-Of-Thrones-Hold-The-Door-09Mc Derpin

10. We Have Fun At Fullcontact


11. Kickstarter Idea. Hodor Door Stopper


12. Hold The Door


13. New At Ikea


14. I Walked Into Class And Saw This. I Can’t Even With This. I Really Can’t


15. It’s Good Manners To Be Mindful Of Those Behind You, And Hold The Door


16. Hold The Door Memorial Door Stop

AD-Funny-Hodor-Memes-Game-Of-Thrones-Hold-The-Door-16Todd Blatt

17. Hodor Door Stopper


18. Look What Someone Wrote On The Doorstop At Work Today


19. I’ve Renamed My Doorstop

AD-Funny-Hodor-Memes-Game-Of-Thrones-Hold-The-Door-19Mr Mathematicus

20. Hodor Was Here


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