40 Fascinating Things To Make With Clay Pots

With everything from novelty gumball machines, to functional pendant lamps and fun chandelier planters, there’s nothing you can’t make from a flower pot!

The great thing about these terracotta pot craft projects is that you don’t necessarily have to use brand new pots…if you’ve got some old ones hidden somewhere then why not put them to good use?

01. Flowerpot Bird-Feeder

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-01Via The Garden-roof Coop

02. Ombre Stenciled Flower Pots

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-02Via DIY Show Off

03. Terra Cotta Clay Pot Garden Person

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-03Via Free Gardening Tips

04. Terra Cotta Fountain

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-04Via Instructables

05. Clay Pot Critters

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-05Via Plaid

06. Stacked Planters

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-06Via Home Jelly

07. Stacked Herb Garden

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-07Via Fancy Frugal Life

08. Garden Planter & Birds Bath

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-08Via Home Stories A to Z

09. Flower Pot Bird Bath

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-09Via In Lieu of Preschool

10. DIY Outdoor Cooker: How to Build A Clay-Pot Smoker


AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-10Via Architecture & Design

11. Dog and Cat Pots

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-11Via Craft Ideas

12. Nail Polish Marbled Planters

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-12Via Hello Natural)

13. Ombre Rain Chain

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-13Via Design Sponge

14. Vertical Planter

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-14Via Grace and Good Eats

15. Clay Pot Snail

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-15Via Plaid

16. Happy Frog Gardener

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-16Via Craft Ideas

17. Flower Pot Watchdog

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-17Via Craft Ideas

18. Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-18Via Mama.Papa.Bubba

19. Lighted Home Accent

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-19Via Bacon Time with the Hungry Hypo

20. Olaf Craft

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-20Via Moms & Munchkins

21. Garden Mushrooms

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-21Via Birds & Blooms

22. Favorite Pictures Flower Pot

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-22Via Life After Empty Nest

23. Lantern Candy Jar

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-23Via Happy Clippings

24. Daisy Patterned Clay Pot Turtle

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-24Via PLAID

25. Mosaic Mushrooms

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-25Via Cut Out and Keep

26. Tower Wind Chime

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-26Via Cindy Dyer’s Blog

27. Bubble Gum Machine

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-27Via Kara’s Party Ideas

28. Terracotta Pot Table

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-28Via Dukes & Duchesses

29. Potted Candle Planters

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-29Via Family Chic

30. Chandelier Planter

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-30Via DIY Show Off

31. Clay Pot Lighthouse

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-31Via eHow

32. Terracotta Votives

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-32Via Sugar and Charm

33. Christmas Tree

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-33Via The O’Donnell Nest

34. Flower Pot Pincushion

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-34Via Just Crafty Enough

35. Outdoor Hanging Lamp

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-35Via The Art of Doing Stuff

36. Flower Pot Pals

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-36Via Glue Arts

37. Clay Pot Wreath

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-37Via Sweet Pepper Rose

38. Terra Cotta Pumpkin

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-38Via Shaken Together

39. Terra Cotta Turtles

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-39Via Chef Ping Creates

40. Terra Cotta Pot Snowman

AD-Things-To-Make-With-Terracotta-Pots-40Via Craft Town

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