25 Extraordinary Design Ideas That Will Help You Nail Your Next Home Renovation

There is no place like home and how true that rings when you walk into rooms like shown below. From indoor hammock to falling cubes on your toilet floor, these houses have some of the most incredible home designs we never knew we needed. To be honest, as much as we love our own homes, we really wished we could do something about it and turn it into the place that we really can never part with.

So, here are some ideas that we found across the internet and some designs by Boulder Architects. Some easy to work on while others may require a bit of a professional touch for smooth results. You don’t really need the fanciest gadgets invented or spend millions of dollars to get that dream design. It can take an old bicycle, a few hours of hammering here and there and, voila, you’re done! (H/T)

01. This is the hammock you never knew you needed. The best place to nap and read ever!

© ooda.eu -Via

02. Here’s how to never be bored about your office room anymore.

© Travis Price Architects -Via

03. Don’t have a pool? Looking forward to the beach in summer? Go no further!

© ZYDECO Construction -Via

04. How to install a new aquarium and make the staircase a safe place to commute? Here’s the answer!

© Imgur -Via

05. Living the dream.

© The Gadget Flow -Via

06. Here’s a good enough space for doggy’s bedroom!

© The Rodimels -Via

07. Build the secret room you have always dreamed. Turn your house into a room straight out of your favorite novel!

© Hidden Passageway -Via

08. If you have space to spare, turn your bathroom into a steam room with S-shaped seats on the wall!

© Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa -Via

09. Just remember to warn your guests before they pee themselves walking in here!

© Imgur -Via

10. Medieval design with hints of witchcraft – definitely the fireplace you will love!

© Ancient Art of Stone -Via

11. It’s the table that will make your living room look alive.

© John Foster -Via

12. The skateboard house every skateboarder dream of!

© Gautam Singhania -Via

13. No! Don’t throw away that old bicycle just yet! Here’s how to turn it into a sink.

© Benjamin Collection -Via

14. Storage space under the staircase.

© KreativitaAlnspiracia / Facebook -Via

15. Lowered Reading Room With Glass Walls

© Imgur -Via

16. Creating illusions on the floor will certainly encourage mood change at home.

© Imgur -Via

17. Bring in the night clouds lit by moonlight.

© Imgur -Via

18. This must be how Atlantians bedrooms look like.

© Imgur -Via

19. So, an aquarium under your bedroom is too much. How about one as your coffee table?

© Reddit -Via

20. This is as easy as using stained glass for your doors!

© Studio Armin Blasbichler -Via

21. The tree house we have always dreamed of.

© Simes Studios -Via

22. Or create her a dreamy reading space that casts her away into the magical land she reads in books!

© Imgur -Via

23. Pirate training with kids! Because every kid deserves an education in pirateship!

© Kuhl Design Build LLC -Via

24. Wood Log Table

© John Houshmand -Via

25. “Better View” Blinds

© Elina Aalto -Via

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