30 DIY Branches Projects Perfect For Every Interior Design

Nature has always found a peculiar way of sneaking in our lives even if we are not entirely its fans. Living in the constant fog of the busy troubled cities we are torn apart form natures fresh exuberance and life and we tend to forget the mentally healthy repercussions of its power. But small insertion of greenery make room in your lives through a small apartment plant or the rough texture of a wooden piece of furniture. There is a constant eternal beauty in natural elements that bound us to earth, a constant reminder of our mortal state and beauty of life. Today we are talking about DIY Branches Projects as a method of inviting o form of nature in in a shape any interior design can handle.

Use din multiple ways, wooden branches serve as an aesthetically pleasing element as well as a practical one. Whether we talk about a minimalist coat hanger, an organic lighting fixture or a natural simple wall background, wood inserts itself in our lives on a daily basis. Create a twig candle holder that filters the light creating a cozy romantic atmosphere. Add branches spray painted in gold to a flowery centerpiece for more volume and dramatic effect. Use wooden branches to design bathroom shelves that look clean and neat. Hang curtains from branches for a rustic Scandinavian effect. It integrates perfectly into any interior design, elegant or modern and minimalist. So don’t hesitate to use it and make it part of your home. We invite you to browse through the gallery below and choose the best way to merge branches to your current design.

Branch shelves and decorative accents.

A branch can also serve as a rod for hanging clothes on. All you have to do is find a branch that’s straight, without nodules if possible. Remove all the small twigs it might have and then hang it in your dressing room.{found on


A very simple project can be to make a shelf out of a branch. Just go find a fallen tree branch, clean it and put it up on the wall where it can serve as a shelf.


Similarly, you could have a branch hanging from the ceiling and it can serve as a hanging spot for hats, jackets and clothes.


Here’s another way in which you can use branches to make shelves. In this case the branches provide the support for the actual shelves. All you have to do is attach them to the wall at the right angle and height.


You can also use branches in your bathroom where you could make some sort of a ladder for hanging towels onto. Simply find two long branches and three of four smaller ones and nail them together to form the towel hanger.


Here’s another idea: install two hooks into the ceiling anywhere you want and then hang a branch from them. The branch can be the support for anything else you might want to hang there.


Branches are usually symbolic and they can be used to give an artistic and more modern look to your entrance for example. Instead of having plants there you could put a few branches in a planter.


You can also use branches inside the house. For example, if you can find a few big and tall ones, you can use them to make one of the walls stand out. It would be a very nice background for the dining area.


You could also use branches to make an interesting headboard for the bedroom. The headboard will be mostly decorative and the branches will form a frame. Find branches of different shapes and sizes.


Four small branches can be used to make an interesting and original frame. Then use twine and buttons to make a net for the inside of the frame and you can pin photos or hang from it.


Hanging a branch from the ceiling is a very good idea because it allows you to save space and also to get things out of the way. For example, this nice hanger is a very nice idea for the kids’ room.


For the bedroom, we also found this awesome idea. Take a few tall and thin branches and place them against the wall behind the headboard. It will seem like you have a forest behind the bed and it will also give the room a serene feel.


For the bathroom, a very simple and functional idea is to hang a branch underneath the cabinet. It will serve as a towel rod. It can also be something useful for the laundry room.


Table décor.

A branch can be a very artistic and eye-catching centerpiece for the table. It’s a modern idea and of, course, the branch would have to be really sculptural and beautiful. You can paint it for a more vivid look.


Another simple and nice way of using branches for table decors is to put them in a vase. A transparent vase lets you see the branches and this way they appear more majestic.


Here’s a project you’ll definitely love. Find a few twigs, cut them all the same length and glue them one by one to a glass vase or glass. Then put a candle inside and the light will be controlled by the twigs. It’s a nice idea for table centerpieces.


For a rustic table décor, you can use small twigs to make a frame for the table numbers. Glue them together and then add the printed paper with the number written on it.


A more modern table décor can be created by painting a few branches. The more interesting the shape of the branch the more eye-catching the centerpiece will be. The color can be bold or bright to make the branches stand out more.


You can also use branches to create stunning table decors for special events such as weddings. This one, for example, looks like a miniature tree made from branches and flowers.


Curtain rods.

A long and sculptural branch can be a wonderful curtain rod replacement. For an even more beautiful look, try hanging curtains made from a very soft and delicate material to emphasize the contrast.


Tree branch curtain rods are not difficult to make. The most challenging part is finding the right branch. It needs to be straight but to also have a spectacular look. To try combining branches to get the right look.


Room décor.

There are lots of ways in which you can creatively use branches for interior décor. for example, this media room features three strategically placed branches that complement the modern wall décor.


A large hall can stand out with a stunning focal point like this one. Tree branches were used to create a contemporary décor. It’s like a tree box, very unusual but also very familiar because of the materials.


A truly beautiful branch can easily become a stunning focal point in a room. Mount it on a wall and emphasize its beauty with lighting and background color.


To make the dining room a more entertaining space you can have a branches hanging above the table. It’s a very simple decoration but it has a strong visual impact.


This hall is indeed spectacular. Just look how mesmerizing the tree branches are. Their shapes are amazing and the lighting makes them stand out even more.


Branches are particularly nice decorations for the bedroom because they help create a very serene and relaxing atmosphere, like in the middle of nature. Paint the branches for a more modern look.


A few tree branches can be wonderful accent decorations for any room and if their shape is sculptural and beautiful that’s all you need. Simply let the branches lean on the walls in the corners of the room.


You can create a very interesting-looking dividing wall between the kitchen and the living room by using tree branches. It will be a feature just for décor and you can attach the branches to the counters and cabinets.


This bedroom has a very interesting piece of furniture. It’s a table that has tree branches going through it. The branches are tall and the table provides a stable support for them.


Do you think branches would fit and are to be considered for your interior design? We invite you to leave your valuable thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

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