50 Cute Tiny Houses In Every Single State

If you’re thinking of joining the tiny house movement, you may want to test drive one first. We’ve put together a list of tiny rental options that are perfect for a weekend escape or a cross-country road trip.

01. New Market, Alabama

This renovated, 100-year-old cottage sits behind the Winchester Manor outside of Huntsville, Alabama. Although it’s small, the romantic home is equipped with brick floors and a jacuzzi tub.

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02. Talkeetna, Alaska

The aptly-named “Hobbit Cabin” is situated on a lake just five miles from town. Its sod roof is covered with beautiful Alaskan flowers.

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03. Tucson, AZ

This cute “casita” is an eclectic southwestern neighborhood that dates back to the 1940s. And though it only sleeps two, the yard is big enough for a party.

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04. Little Rock, Arkansas

Just a few blocks from the Governor’s Mansion, this rental claims to be the first tiny house in Little Rock. It’s only a short walk away from parks, restaurants, and nightlife.

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05. Carmel Valley, California

This tiny house is actually a converted water tower. It’s surrounded by California parkland where you can bike, hike, and ride horses.

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06. Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Built in 1898, this tiny cottage has since been fully restored and equipped with a meditation room. Guests can walk across a short bridge to access the hot springs.

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07. Bethlehem, Connecticut

At only 165 square feet, you’ll have to get cozy in this newly-built dome. It’s situated on an organic farm, which guests are encouraged to tour or even work on.

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08. Newark, Delaware

Not your average tiny house, this rental is a retro Airlyfte trailer. Although it’s a tight squeeze, the inside has been updated with modern conveniences, including a kitchen and bathroom.

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09. Sanford, Florida

Ever dreamed of living on a houseboat? This floating bungalow provides the aesthetic of a boat with the modern conveniences of a home. It has a normal bathroom and a fully-equipped kitchen.

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10. Helen, Georgia

This tiny treehouse is completely surrounded by nature — its even crafted completely out of recycled materials.

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11. Pahoa, Hawaii

The “Adventurous Lava Rock Hale” is situated on three acres of land, near snorkeling spots and three volcanic craters. Its small fridge, stove, ceiling fan, and television are completely solar powered.

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12. Pocatello, Idaho

This secluded Caribou Yurt has panoramic views of Buckskin Canyon. Although it has no kitchen, the owners cook breakfast for their guests every morning.

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13. Peoria, Illinois

This 450-square-foot bungalow offers modern amenities along with a wooded property. A small brook runs through the yard.

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14. Lyons, Indiana

The “Goose Pond Cottage” is conveniently located near several state parks, as well as a downtown area. Activities nearby include fishing, hunting, kayaking, and birding.

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