5 Things to Consider When Re-Designing Your Office Space


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An office space needs to maintain a professional appeal, but it also has to provide a comfortable work. environment for managers, owners, and employees. Without both of these elements, the office itself is likely to encounter problems and even lose out on business. When you’re redesigning your space, keep these tips in mind to ensure that the area is suitable for all work endeavors.

Amount of Space for Work-related Activities
Space is a huge factor that influences how successful a particular office is. For example, say you go for a consultation in an office that is small and claustrophobic. You may feel uncomfortable there; as a result, you decide that returning to conduct business is not in your best interest. On the other hand, a gigantic space without much in it can make you feel as though you’re not in a formal environment. Remember, it is not necessarily about how much space you have, but rather how you use that space.

The Proper Lighting


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Another issue that many businesses run into is with lighting. Proper lighting is important for a couple of reasons. For one, you need to be able to see what you are doing. However, customers also don’t want to walk into a room that immediately gives them a migraine. Combining both natural lighting with artificial lighting can help you to achieve that look. Glass doors are one way to let in a great deal of natural light. You can always pull curtains down over them if the sun becomes too much. On top of that, you need to make sure that your employees are able to see at their desks. Purchasing small desk lamps may be necessary. You should also make sure that lights are available outside. This is especially important for businesses that stay open late.

Storage Space


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If customers walk into your office and see that everything is a complete mess and all over the place, they will likely doubt the level of professionalism at your business. In fact, they may worry about opening up an account with you or providing personal information because they are afraid that you are going to misplace it. When you are designing your office, ensure that you make provisions for storage space. You may need to dedicate a small room to raw materials, or you may simply need a large file cabinet and supply cabinet to hold all of your items. Furthermore, if you store people’s personal information, you need to ensure them that these details are safe.

Safety Precautions


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As you are reviewing the design of your office, you need to make sure that proper safety measures are in place. Some of these relate to protection against break-ins and other crimes, so you need to make sure you have the right sliding door hardware to prevent someone from getting in. Installing a security system and signing up for a subscription is another way to tackle these problems before they begin. You should also ensure that furniture isn’t obstructing fire exits. Once the design is complete, sit down with the members of your staff to discuss what they need to know about both safety and health in the new workspace.

Greeting Stations


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When people walk into your business, someone should come out to greet them. However, if the main desks are hidden away in a back room or all the computers face away from the front, no one is going to know when a client enters the office. While you don’t need every chair and desk to point towards the door, a person should always be available. If crime is a problem in the location of the business, you can lock the doors and require the ring of a bell to enter. Still, someone should be seated at a front desk to let individuals in when they arrive. Furthermore, if the job is not one where people sit at desks, such as in a retail store, ensure that employees will have space to stand around the shop. When customers or clients walk into a business, they often have questions to ask. In the event that they cannot find someone, they may simply leave.
Manifold elements help to make your office space what it is, and these elements also assist in attracting and retaining business for your company. Focusing on the design features of your business will help you to appease customers, and doing so also ensures that you and your team have a more suitable space in which to work.

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