40+ Creative Handprint And Footprint Crafts For Christmas

Greetings from Architecture & Design! The holiday season is the best time to show off your craft skills. From decorating your home to creating handmade gifts for friends and family, there are a variety of fun and exciting craft projects to do, especially the ones that involve kids’ handprints and footprints. Here at Architecture & Design, we have put together a collection of more than 40 Christmas handprint and footprint crafts for your to enjoy and make. What a creative idea to turn kids’ handprints, thumbprints and footprints into cute snowmen, reindeer, Santa and even Christmas trees. They are all so adorable! You can make these for handmade cards, holiday decors, keepsakes and Christmas gifts. They are easy and fun crafts to enjoy with kids. Check these out and hopefully you will get inspired to come up with your own Christmas handprint and footprint art. Happy crafting!

01. A Family of Hand Print Santas

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-01Tutorial via How Does She

02. Thumbprint Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-02Tutorial via Little Bit Funky

03. Hand Print Santa Keepsake Ornament

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-03Tutorial via From ABCs to ACTs

04. Handprint Snowman Glass Ball Ornaments

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-04Tutorial via megduerksen

05. Thumbprint Christmas Lights

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-05Tutorial via Meet the Dubiens

06. Christmas Tree Footprint Art

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-06Tutorial via The Celebration Shoppe

07. Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-07Tutorial via Paging Fun Mums

08. Super-sweet Snowman Feet

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-08Tutorial via House by Hoff

09. Handprint Reindeer Hat

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-09Tutorial via Putti’s World

10. Candy Cane Craft

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-10Tutorial via Leapfrog & Ladybugs

11. Reindeer Christmas Cards and Ornaments

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-11Tutorial via Mommy Gaga

12. Christmas Baby Mistletoe and Holly Craft

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-12Tutorial via About Home

13. Finger Print Christmas Tree Salt Dough Ornaments

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-13Tutorial via Crash Test Mummy

14. Handprint Christmas Tree

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-14Tutorial via Bliss Images and Beyond

15. Handprint Angel Art

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-15Tutorial via Projects for Preschoolers

16. Footprint Snowman

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-16Tutorial via Crafty-Crafted.com

17. Handprint Reindeers and Footprint Sleigh Christmas Craft

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-17Image via Preschool Activities

18. Footprint Penguin Wall Hanging

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-18Tutorial via Come Together Kids

19. Footprint Penguin

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-19Tutorial via Crafty-Crafted.com

20. Santa’s Footprints

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-20Tutorial via Fun Handprint Art

21. Santa and Reindeer Handprint Plaque

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-21Tutorial via One Artsy Mama

22. Hand Print Santa Ornaments

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-22Tutorial via The Karpiuks

23. Holiday Handprint Wall Art

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-23Image via LTD Commodities

24. Handprint Reindeers and Footprint Sleigh Christmas Craft

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-24Image via Stockpiling Moms

25. Christmas Elf Handprint Craft

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-25Tutorial via Classfied Mom

26. Mistletoe Salt Dough Footprint Ornaments

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-26Tutorial via Danya Banya

27. Thumbprint Santa Ornament

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-27Tutorial via Meet the Dubiens

28. Handprint Mitten Christmas Crafts

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-28Tutorial via House of Baby Piranha

29. Thumbprint Clay Ornaments

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-29Tutorial via Infarrantly Creative

30. Christmas Handprint Reindeer

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-30Tutorial via Mommy Savers

31. Holiday Handprint Charms

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-31Tutorial via Plucking Daisies

32. Kids Holiday Wreath

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-32Tutorial via Cathie Filian

33. Family Handprint Christmas Tree

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-33Tutorial via Makobi Scribe

34. Christmas Footprint Art

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-34Tutorial via Parallel Parking

35. Footprint Mistletoe Art Project

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-35Tutorial via Pinkie for Pink

36. Santa Sleigh Handprint & Footprint Christmas Canvas

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-36Tutorial via Glued To My Crafts

37. Hand Print Christmas Ornaments

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-37Tutorial via Crafting Mom

38. Handprint Snowman Ornament

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-38Tutorial via Little Bit Funky

39. Reindeer Craft Frame

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-39Tutorial via The Educator’s Spin On It

40. Handprint Reindeer Puppets and Treat Bags

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-40Tutorial via I Can Teach My Child

41. Handprint Santa

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-41Tutorial via Mommyapolis

42. Handprint Snowman Ornaments

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-42Tutorial via Eighteen25

43. Footprint Penguin Canvas Keepsake

AD-Creative-Handprint-And-Footprint-Crafts-For-Christmas-43Tutorial via Fun Handprint Art

Which one is your favorite? Please bookmark this post as we will be adding more Christmas handprint and footprint crafts. Stay tuned!

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