40+ Brilliant DIY Storage And Organization Hacks For Small Bathrooms

Greetings from Architecture & Design! Today we are going to bring you some brilliant storage solutions for bathrooms. Bathroom is one of the most important places in our home where we get to relax, so it’s also important to organize and tidy up our bathroom. But it is not an easy task especially when we have limited room space and with so many stuffs and clusters like hair tools, towels and makeup. Whether you have a small or big bathroom, you’ll always need some extra space for storage. Here we have rounded up more than 40 brilliant DIY storage and organization hacks to help you save space and have a neat and organized bathroom. Most of these DIY hacks are easy and budget-friendly. From adding storage shelves, maximizing the space under the sink to space-saving ways to store accessories, these storage and organization hacks will help you keep your bathroom neat and cluster free. Hopefully you will get inspired and put some of these ideas into practice. Enjoy!

01. How to maximize space in your bathroom cabinet

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-01Tutorial via Alejandra.tv

02. DIY bathroom mirror storage case

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-02Tutorial via Shanty 2 Chic

03. DIY hair tool storage cabinet

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-03Tutorial via The Idea Room

04. Make full use of the space under the bathroom sink

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-04Tutorial via IHeart Organizing

05. DIY rustic bathroom shelves to take advantage of the vertical space

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-05Tutorial via Craftsman Drive

06. Add an extra shower rod in the back to hang poufs, kids toys etc.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-06Tutorial via Reddit

07. Install floating shelves to use the space above the toilet

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-07Tutorial via Oh Everything Handmade

08. Dollar store bathroom organizing

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-08Tutorial via The Crazy Craft Lady

09. DIY magnetic bathroom rack to store the tiny metal accessories

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-09Tutorial via Darkroom & Dearly

10. Install bathroom storage shelves to store loose items

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-10Tutorial via First Home Dreams

11. Use a PVC pipe connector to store your hair dryer and flat iron

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-11Tutorial via Pinterest

12. DIY file box bathroom appliance storage

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-12Tutorial via Dream Green DIY

13. Install towel bars over the toilet to hang baskets for extra storage space

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-13Tutorial via Simply DIY 2

14. Make a hanging bathroom shelf over the toilet

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-14Tutorial via Shanty 2 Chic

15. Use shower caddies as shelfing to organize awkward sink spaces

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-15Tutorial via Pretty Organized

16. Instead of folding your bath towels, try rolling them to save storage space

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-16Tutorial via Always Organizing

17. Add hooks on a shower rod to hang bath supplies

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-17Tutorial via Muji

18. DIY bathroom storage

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-18Tutorial via The Family Handyman

19. DIY pocket organizer under the sink

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-19Tutorial via The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

20. Turn spice racks into bathroom storage

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-20Tutorial via Our Life in a Click

21. Store linens in the cabinets under the sink

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-21Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

22. Use coat hooks instead of a towel rod to hang more towels

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-22Tutorial via Following Friends

23. Attach a half table over the toilet paper holder for extra storage

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-23Tutorial via Southern Hospitality

24. DIY bathroom towel storage in under 5 minutes

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-24Tutorial via Making Lemonade

25. DIy ball jar storage in the bathroom

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-25Tutorial via Skinny Meg

26. Install multiple towel bars behind the bathroom door to hang towels

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-26Tutorial via Martha Stewart

27. Make a magnet makeup board to keep your makeup organized

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-27Tutorial via allie grace

28. DIY mason jar organizer for bathroom storage

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-28Tutorial via The DIY Playbook

29. Hanging basket bathroom storage

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-29Tutorial via Shak in Style

30. Organize overflowing bathroom beauty products with crown molding shelves

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-30Tutorial via Kevin and Amanda

31. Print bathroom container labels to organize cotton balls and other essentials

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-31Tutorial via Thrifty and Chic

32. Attach caddies to the back of a cabinet door to add storage space

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-32Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

33. Create storage space by hanging a series of baskets from the ceiling

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-33Tutorial via Woman’s Day

34. Organize bathroom closet with canvas organizers and felt labels

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-34Tutorial via Kristen Mcashan

35. DIY hanging basket bathroom storage

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-35Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess

36. Put a toiletry shelf over the bathroom door for extra storage

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-36Tutorial via Martha Stewart

37. Getting organized under the bathroom sink

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-37Tutorial via A Bowl Full of Lemons

38. DIY bathroom magazine rack

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-38Tutorial via Four Generations One Roof

39. Medicine cabinet organization

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-39Tutorial via The Merry Thought

40. Transform bare bathroom walls with fast and easy crate shelving

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-40Tutorial via hgtv

41. DIY Bathroom Door Shelf

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Storage-And-Organization-Hacks-For-Small-Bathrooms-41Tutorial via Finding Home Farms

If you have other bathroom organization ideas, please share them with us in the comment below. Thank you!

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