50 Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

I have to say, there are kitchen gadgets for everyone! Whether you’re a professional chef or just an occasional cook, there are so many different cool kitchen utensils and tools.

After spending so much time rounding these up, I’ve been extremely inspired to organize my kitchen and get to cooking. Here are a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets that I think are not only genius, but also very useful! I’m excited because I didn’t know most of these existed until now!

01. Pasta Pot

If you’re a pasta lover, this may come in really handy! The unique colander lid snaps right into place, and the pot itself is in an oval shape — better for long pasta and for fitting on a back burner when you have other pots or pans on the front.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-01Get it here: Amazon

02. Portion Control Dressing Cap

Have you noticed that a lot of the salad dressing brands have taken out the little cap on the top of their bottles that had a small hole to control the amount of dressing that comes out? It’s really irritating! My kids love the Kraft Ranch brand, but the cap opening is so darn big, they end up pouring out 4 times what they need (UPDATE: Kraft has a new pour control cap and awesome new flavors!) But, for those other dressings that are missing this tiny but useful detail, I’ve found a solution. This portion control dressing cap also accurately dispenses one sized serving of dressing at a time (2 tbsp). This is especially handy if you’re trying to keep track of your calories.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-02Get it here: Amazon

03. Tabletop Oil Mister

More flavor with less fat! This is the best way to control the amount of oil you spray on your salad, cookie sheets, and baking pans. It reminds me of Pam except for it’s chemical-free and you can flavor it however you’d like. I suppose you could even pour your favorite salad dressing in there to make it last longer and watch your calorie intake.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-03Get it here: Wayfair

04. Space Saving Grater

Not only does this fold flat kitchen grater save space in a drawer, you can also place it vertically on a cupboard or pantry shelf. When unfolded it looks just like a regular grater except for it has a handy comfort grip handle, making it easier to grate cheese and vegetables!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-04Get it here: Amazon

05. Professional Multi-Chopper

With 3 pushers and 4 interchangeable blades, you can easily prep everything from potatoes to onions and carrots. The measuring container allows you to see how much you’ve already cut, and you can remove the base to use the chopper right over your cutting board.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-05Get it here: Williams-Sonoma

06. Fridgepad For iPad

I use my iPad in the kitchen a lot when I’m referring to an online recipe or playing music from my iTunes while cooking. This is the perfect place to store it and be able to easily view and access it. Heck, this also turns it into a small flat screen TV! There is also an optional wall mount kit, so you can put it on a wall or cabinet instead of the fridge.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREGet it here: Woodford

07. Herb Mill

Fresh herbs just got easier! This herb mill is very similar to a pepper grinder, only it’s made to grind fresh herbs like rosemary, parsley, dill, and sage. What a flavor difference compared to dried herbs.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-07Get it here: Amazon

08. Easy Pineapple Slicer

I can’t wrap my brain around how this kitchen gadget actually works, but it seems to have great reviews. It peels, cores, and slices a pineapple in just a matter of seconds!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-08Get it here: Amazon

09. Silicone Bowls

I’m a proud new owner of these amazing silicone bowls. I’m not sure how I ever lived without them! I use them mostly for muffins and pancakes — you can mix up your ingredients in the bowl, and then easily pinch to pour just the right amount into a muffin tin or pan. The silicone measuring cups also eliminates your need to measure with a separate tool. Measure, mix, then pour!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-09Get it here: Amazon

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-09-1Get it here: Amazon

10. Frozen Fruit Treat Maker

Have you ever used your food processor to make what tastes and looks like soft serve ice cream out of frozen bananas?! I started doing this last summer, and it is amazing! The process is a little tedious, though. I usually have to take the cap off about a dozen times to stir before I get the right consistency. I had no idea there was a machine made just for this! Just pop your frozen fruit in to make a much healthier and all natural version of “ice cream”.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-10Get it here: Amazon

11. Cake Batter Dispenser

This clever gadget neatly dispenses the perfect amount of cake or muffin batter without the mess. You can use it for pancakes, too!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-11Get it here: Amazon

12. Julienne Peeler Blade

This peeler is great for creating thin julienne sticks on carrots, squash, zucchini, and cucumbers. It’s like veggie “pasta”! It’s practical and small, so it will easily fit into your utensil drawer.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-12Get it here: Amazon

13. Spiral Vegetable Slicer

This veggie slicer turns your fruit and vegetables into something extraordinary! You can make curly fries, vegetable noodles, or fancy toppings for just about any dish. It has over 1,600 positive reviews on Amazon.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-13Get it here: Amazon

14. Over-The-Sink Strainer Board

Do your washing, slicing and dicing right over the sink! This is especially nice for a small kitchen that doesn’t have a lot of counter space. It also collapses for easy storage.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-14Get it here: Amazon

15. Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

The funny thing is, I actually have one of these in my tupperware cabinet, but I had no clue where I got it and what it was for. This makes sense! Regular ice cubes don’t fit in a water bottle no matter how hard you try to cram them through the small opening.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-15Get it here: Amazon

16. Spaghetti Measure

Do you make pasta for 17 people when you only have a small family to feed like me? Let this little gadget do the guess work for you!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-16Get it here: Amazon

17. I Could Eat A Horse

Here’s another pasta measuring gadget but with a sense of humor! Are you feeding a horse? Or, perhaps just 2 adults and a child? The horse actually measures for 4 people, but I love the quirky way this was designed.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-17Get it here: Doiy Design

18. Clip-On Pouring Spout

Clip this neat silicone kitchen tool onto a pot, pan or serving bowl to drain the liquid while still holding the contents! It’s perfect for draining the fat out of your ground beef or water out of your cooked veggies.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-18Get it here: Amazon

19. Yolk Extractor

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who likes your morning egg white omelet, or perhaps you just need to separate the yolk from an egg for a specific recipe, this will make the job so much easier!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-19Get it here: Amazon

20. Flameless Marshmallow Roaster

Ok, this may lean towards the impractical side, but I’ve always wanted to be able to roast marshmallows in my kitchen! The kids love s’mores (me too!), so who says you have wait for a camping trip to enjoy them! This would be so much for a sleepover.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-20Get it here: Hammacher

21. Expandable Drawer Dividers

I’ve been known to spend hours in the aisles of the Container Store. I can’t help it if I like every nook and cranny in my home to be well organized! I bought a few of these adjustable drawer dividers for my kitchen drawers, and I love them! You can completely customize the size of each slot.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-21Get it here: Amazon

22. Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

With this clever bowl design, you don’t have to scarf your cereal down knowing that it’s going to be soggy before you get a chance to finish it all. It’s also great for chips and dip, soup and crackers, or cookies with milk!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-22Get it here: Amazon

23. Zipzicles

Make your own ice pops with fresh and healthy ingredients! Fill them with juice, smoothies, yogurt, or anything else you can dream up. And, they have a zip top so they don’t have to be eaten all at once.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-23Get it here: Amazon

24. Pancake Pen

I’ve been doing this with my daughter for a few months now, only we’ve been using those cheap plastic ketchup squeeze bottles. They work ok, but the batter tends to get stuck in the small opening, so I have to make it thinner than preferred. This bottle is made specifically for pancake art! It also works great to fill cupcake liners without the mess. The top and bottom screw off for easy cleaning, and the tip is heat resistant.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-24Get it here: Amazon

25. Onion Holder

This handy gadget not only holds the onion for you (no more stinky hands), but also guides your knife for perfectly even slices. And, I’m not certain how this works, but apparently the stainless steel part of the grip removes onion odor from your hands. Why would that be necessary if you’re not having to touch the onion? Don’t know, but it couldn’t hurt!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-25Get it here: Amazon

26. Citrus Sprayer

Spray fresh lemon juice right out of a lemon? What?! Yes, and even limes, grapefruit, oranges, and other citrus! This is great for salads, fish, shrimp, etc. You can also spray your unused avocado halves with it to keep them from browning.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-26Get it here: Amazon

27. Corn Zipper

Use a corn zipper to effortlessly and cleanly remove kernels off of the cob! It quickly removes several rows at once, yet is safer than a knife.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-27Get it here: Amazon

28. Dice & Slice Chopper

With a single swift motion, this kitchen gadget evenly chops onions and other vegetables. It’s perfect for salsa, vegetables, boiled eggs, nuts and fruit. It comes with 3 interchangeable blades so you can chop your desired size.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-28Get it here: Amazon

29. Rocking Garlic Crusher

Easy to use and easy to clean! This sleek garlic crusher allows you to crush and mince garlic with ease. The scooped design holds the garlic like a bowl, allowing the garlic to be scraped into a bowl or pan.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-29Get it here: Amazon

30. Double Dish

What a great concept! Especially if you like to eat pistachios while watching tv (guilty). This bowl works great for edamame, cherries, olives, pistachios, wrapped candy, and sunflower seeds. Basically anything that you would eat and need to discard a seed, shell, or wrapper. Fabulous gift idea!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-30Get it here: Amazon

31. Pot Clip

What to do with that dripping spoon. Hmm, how about a pot clip that allows you to rest your utensils right over the pot!? It will keep your stovetop clean and your spoon handy.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-31Get it here: Amazon

32. 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk

It’s two essential tools in one sleek design! And, the silicone coated wire is perfect for your non-stick pots and pans. Use it to whisk your ingredients together, and then with a simple twist, use the same tool to scrape the ingredients out of your bowl or pan.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-32Get it here: Amazon

33. Party Bowls On Ice

Keep your vegetable or fruit trays cold for long periods of time! This is especially helpful if you are attending a party and have quite a drive ahead of you. The larger bowl has a detachable divider, so you can also use it for salad or other cold dishes.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-33Get it here: Amazon

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-33-1Get it here: Amazon

34. Grill Clips

Hold your veggies together on the grill without the risk of them falling through the grates! Use your grilling tongs to easily flip and remove them from the grill.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-34Get it here: Amazon

35. Rinse Bowl & Strainer

This 2-in-1 food bowl allows you to strain the water out with a quick slide up of the integrated strainer. Perfect for washing fruits and veggies!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-35Get it here: Amazon

36. Apple Corer

Quickly and easily removes unwanted cores! Perfect gadget and gift for the holidays when apple pies are a must. Also great for kids so they can eat the apple in it’s whole form without worrying about the core and seeds.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-36Get it here: Amazon

37. Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer

The perfect kitchen gadget for men! This 2-in-1 kitchen tool softens the meat and injects flavor enhancing marinade at the same time.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-37Get it here: Hammacher Schlemmer

38. Compact Food Prep Set

It’s pretty and functional! The perfect housewarming gift for someone with a small home or apartment as it occupies the absolute minimum amount of space. This set includes a colander, sieve, mixing bowls, and measuring cups.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-38Get it here: Amazon

39. Flour Keeper

Store your flour and sugar with confidence! I prefer to keep my occasionally-used food products in air tight containers just for the peace of mind alone. Sometimes I go months without touching my flour, so this makes sense. They are also constructed with a convenient lever for accurate scoop measurements.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-39Get it here: Amazon

40. Dip Clips

Clip these mini side bowls on to just about any plate! Use them for dressings, dips, salsa, or guacamole. This is especially handy for runny dips like salsa to keep it from spreading all over the plate.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-40Get it here: Amazon

41. Hands-Free Bag Holder

This is like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen! It adjusts to fit most bags, and holds it open and steady while you fill it up. When you’re finished, it folds up for easy storage.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-41Get it here: Amazon

42. In-Drawer Knife Organizer

Keep your knives organized and out of site with an knife organizing and storage tray that fits perfectly in a drawer. Perfect solution if you don’t have a lot of counter space!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-42Get it here: Amazon

43. Chef’s Torch

It not only caramelizes sugar and browns meringue, but it’s also handy for melting cheese or adding a little extra crisp to anything grilled.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-43Get it here: Amazon

44. Cracker Containers

For those cookies and crackers (Ritz & Saltines!) that don’t come with a resealable bag! Keep them fresher longer with plastic containers that are made to fit them perfectly.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-44Get it here: Amazon

45. 3-Tier Oven Rack

This tiered oven rack only takes up about half the space of your built in racks, so you can cook several casseroles and dishes at once while still having room for that huge turnkey!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-45Get it here: Amazon

46. Wide Bag Cap

This makes just about any bag a reusable container! Why bother with bulky tupperware when you can just add a lid to your chips, cereal bags, and much more. Seal in the freshness!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-46Get it here: Amazon

47. Quick Snap Ice Tray

Instead of having to pry your ice cubes out of the tray with your fingernail, just give this tray a quick snap to release one cube at a time! Definitely worth it if you don’t have an ice maker.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-47Get it here: Amazon

48. Garlic Peeler

The easiest way to peel garlic! The unique shape keeps the garlic inside while rolling, and the peels stick to the tube while the garlic cloves comes out. keeps your hands from stinking, too!

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-48Get it here: Amazon

49. Scrap Collector

Attach the wire hook to any drawer near your work surface, and then easily scrape your scraps off the counter into the bin. It keeps your work surface clean and is easy to dump into your compost pile instead of stinking up the trash can.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-49Get it here: Amazon

50. Mandoline Slicer

This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. It makes slicing so much fun! You can even adjust the thickness of your slices with the simple turn of a knob. I use it a lot for potatoes and cucumbers.

AD-Useful-Kitchen-Gadgets-You-Didnt-Know-Existed-50Get it here: Amazon

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