It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We’re So Sorry, America

What do you mean there’s no such place as Further South Dakota?! [Update: Turns out Americans aren’t so great at Europe either.]

Erm, sooo, yeah. We really wish we could tell you this is the worst attempt. It’s not even close.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-01Robin Edds

What’s the state capital of Squaresies?

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-02Robin Edds

Little known fact: No one actually knows what that state in the middle is.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-03Robin Edds

When all else fails, draw pretty pictures.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-04Robin Edds

In a country this big, being “close enough” is as good as being right. Right?

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-05Robin Edds

It’s easy to get Hawaii and Alaska confused. Shut up.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-06Robin Edds

RIP, Midwest.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-07Robin Edds

How many S’s are there in Mississississ…ippi?

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-08Robin Edds

They need to close the border to Nickelback, STAT.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-09Robin Edds

That’s a lot of Utahs.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-10Robin Edds

The “not a clue” arrow could probably have extended a little further.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-11Robin Edds

Hmm. The “special relationship” doesn’t stand much chance after this one.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-12Robin Edds

The Wibbly, Wobbly, Border, Worder region is beautiful at this time of year.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-13Robin Edds

Wow much Washington.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-14Robin Edds

Breaking Bad reference AND a moose = all the points. We have a winner.

AD-Britians-Place-US-States-On-Map-15Robin Edds

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