45 Cool Winter Hats That Will Keep You Warm

Knitting and crocheting are definitely not just your grandmother’s hobbies anymore. These simple crafts can be used to create creative, fun and, most importantly, warm winter hats.

Many of these hats can be bought, but if you’ve got an eye for knitting and crochet, you can make them yourself as well! If you know of a good design (or have made one) that’s not on our list, please share it with us! And vote for your favorites so everyone can see them too.

1. Fox Cowl

Fox Cowlsource

2. Viking Helmet

Viking Helmetsource

3. Cthulhu Ski Hat

Cthulhu Ski Hatsource

4. Brain Cap

Brain Capsource

5. Totoro Hat

Totoro Hat


6. The Beholder Hat

The Beholder Hatsource

7.¬†Crocheted Knight’s Helmet Cap

Crocheted Knight's Helmet Cap

Crocheted Knight's Helmet Cap


8.  Yoda Hat

Yoda Hatsource

9. Crochet Baby Aviator Hat

Crochet Baby Aviator Hatsource

10. Cthulhu Ski Mask

Cthulhu Ski Masksource

11. Owl And Wolf

Owl And Wolfsource

12. Bender Hat

Bender Hatsource

13. Christmas Tree Hat

Christmas Tree Hatsource

14. Optimus Prime Crochet Hat

Optimus Prime Crochet Hatsource

15.¬†Gimli’s Dwarven Helm

16. Beard Hat

Beard Hat

Beard Hatsource

17. Mummy Hat

Mummy Hatsource

18. Mad Scientist Hat

Mad Scientist Hatsource

19. Medieval Hood

Medieval Hoodsource

20. Viking Helmet

Viking Helmetsource

21. Death Mask

Death Masksource

22. Crochet Peacock Hat

Crochet Peacock Hat

Crochet Peacock Hatsource

23. Deer Hat

Deer Hatsource

24. Cat Hat

Cat Hatsource

25. Crocheted Bane Mask

Crocheted Bane Masksource

26. Knitted Gas Mask

Knitted Gas Mask


27. Ice Queen

Ice Queen

28. Hannibal Lecter Face Warmer

Hannibal Lecter Face Warmersource

29. Hat With Pony Tail Slit

Hat With Pony Tail Slitsource

30. Shark Hat

Shark Hatsource

31. Ironman Costumes

Ironman Costumessource

32. Santa Hat

Santa Hatsource

33. Dwarf Hat

Dwarf Hat

34. Ski Goggles Hat

Ski Goggles Hatsource

35. Panda Fleece Hat

Panda Fleece Hatsource

36. Ewok Hood

Ewok Hoodsource

37. Xenomorph Alien Face Hugger Ski Mask

Xenomorph Alien Face Hugger Ski Masksource

38. Dragon Hat

Dragon Hat

39. Foxy Beanie

40. Hat Made By My Awesome Girlfriend With Gloins Beard^^

Hat Made By My Awesome Girlfriend With Gloins Beard^^

41. Barbarian Viking Beanie

Barbarian Viking Beaniesource

42. Batman Crocheted Hat

Batman Crocheted Hatsource

43. Michelangelo РTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hat

Michelangelo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hatsource

44. Bane Mask Hat

Bane Mask Hatsource

45. Dracoclava


Source: Bored Panda

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