20 Great Beaches Around The World

Check out this collection of thirty images the most stunning beaches in the world.Covered, hidden beaches, red sand, black, luminescent, totally unusual shapes … those scenes you just need to see them to be totally surprised. In the featured picture you can see the beach on the island of Saint Martin, famous for having a stuck airport; words are unnecessary.

Anyway, our planet is full of places full of beauty, the kind of places that attracts usmost naturally by our own human condition. Well, in the following collection of imagesyou have the opportunity to see twenty of those magical places as unusual beaches.

1. Hiding Beach in Mexico

Playas-Increibles (2)Fuente: dailymail.co.uk

Playas-Increibles (3)Fuente: dailymail.co.uk

2. Snakelike Beach in Australia

AD-Beaches1Fuente: Mitchel Burns

3. Playa de conchas en Australia

Playas-Increibles (5)Fuente: australiascoralcoast.com

4. Icy beach in Iceland

Playas-Increibles (6)Fuente: 500px.com

Playas-Increibles (7)Fuente: 500px.com

5. Polished glass beach in California

Playas-Increibles (8)Fuente: flickr.com

Playas-Increibles (9)Fuente: flickr.com

6. Shell-shaped beach in Greece

AD-SnakeLakeFuente: pylos-navarino.blogspot.ie

7. Beach hexagons in Ireland

Playas-Increibles (11)Fuente: 500px.com

Playas-Increibles (12)Fuente: 500px.com

8. Beach of the cathedrals in Spain

Playas-Increibles (13)Fuente: imgur.com

9. Playa strangely in Crocia

AD-Zlatni-Rat-BeachFuente: boredpanda.com

10. Pink Beach in Bahamas

Playas-Increibles (15)Fuente: greenglobe.travel

Playas-Increibles (16)Fuente: greenglobe.travel

11. Beach Glow in Maldives (is luminescent plankton)

Playas-Increibles (17)Fuente: flickr.com

Playas-Increibles (18)Fuente: flickr.com

12. Beach with planes on the island of St. Maarten

Playas-Increibles (19)Fuente: flickr.com

Playas-Increibles (20)Fuente: flickr.com

13. Green sand beach in French Guiana

Playas-Increibles (21)Fuente: commons.wikimedia.org

Playas-Increibles (22)Fuente: commons.wikimedia.org

14. Natural swimming pool on the island of Thassos

Playas-Increibles (23)Fuente: boredpanda.com

15. Black Beach in Hawaii arene

Playas-Increibles (24)Fuente: hawaiitopten.com

Playas-Increibles (25)Fuente: hawaiitopten.com

16. Beach colors in the Isle of Wight

Playas-Increibles (26)Fuente: Roy Stockdill

17. Red sand beach in Galapagos

Playas-Increibles (27)Fuente: 500px.com

Playas-Increibles (27a)Fuente: 500px.com

18. Magic sand beach in California

Playas-Increibles (28)Fuente: flickr.com

Playas-Increibles (31)Fuente: flickr.com

19. Beach dragon eggs in New Zealand

Playas-Increibles (29)Fuente: 500px.com

Playas-Increibles (30)Fuente: 500px.com

20. Indoor Beach in Portugal

Playas-IncreiblesFuente: 500px.com

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