40+ Impossibly Cute Products You’ll Actually Use

So. Much. Cute.

1. Rainmaker Plant Watering Cloud

When the clouds in the sky aren’t doing their job, this little plastic one will step up to the task.

Price: $11.99

2. Bat Clothespins

This is how Dracula does his laundry.

Price: $2.50

3. Fixie Pizza Cutter


Can you imagine what it would be like to *actually* ride a bike through a giant pizza? The cheese would probably clog up your pedals pretty fast, tbh.

Price: $18

4. Yolkpig Egg Separater


That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Price: $13.99

5. Measuring Snail

Slime trail not included (thankfully).

Price: $14.99

6. Ice Cream Cone Ice Scraper

Scraping ice becomes a bit less of a chore when you think of it as scooping ice cream.

Price: $10

7. Wall Night Lights

These aren’t *actual* light switches, they’re LED ones powered by battery. Each face come with removable adhesive tape, so you can attach them to whatever surface you wish. The perfect placement? Right beside the bed of a little boy or girl who happens to be afraid of the dark.

Price: $12

8. Llama Salt & Pepper Shakers

Will they try to escape from your dining room?

Price: $10

9. Plankton Pot Strainer


Keep your pasta in the pot while you strain it using this whale’s “baleen.”

Price: $18.99

10. Mana-Tea Infuser

This guy looks so relaxed that it almost makes you want to spend some time soaking in a giant tub of tea.

Price: $14

11. Pirate Corkscrew

An arrrrg-dorable way to open up a bottle of wine.

Price: $28.99

12. Robot Nut Crackers

“We’ll crack your nuts for you. We like walnuts the best.” = what these guys would say to you if you could speak Robot.

Price: $30

13. Flower Power Steam Releaser

♫ Pasta breeze, makes me feel fine… ♫

Price: $17.99

14. Snail Funnel

Slow and steady wins the race (when it comes to pouring liquids through a funnel without slopping).

Price: $12.95

15. Himalaya Spice Shakers

A whole (mountain) range of flavors.

Price: $31

16. Elephant Purse Hook

If only this were an *actual* miniature elephant you could carry around in your purse.

Price: $32

17. Moby Tooth Picks

Perfect for a nautical themed dinner party (yeah, those totally exist).

Price: $12.50

18. House of Tissues

You may have mucus running in rivulets down your face, but you’re sopping those snotty streams up in the cutest possible way.

Price: $5.99

19. Chef Pepper Mill


He’s so charming that you’ll forget to say “when.”

Price: $45

20. Panda Speaker


This speaker will play music from your iPhone or iPad so you can have a dance party with your pal the panda noggin.

Price: $14.98

21. Cat iPhone Case

If you don’t change your ringtone to the sound of a cat meowing, you’re not doing it right.

Price: $40

22. Mr. Sponge Sponge Holder

Attach him to the inside of your sink and he’ll drain your sponges in style.

Price: $15.99

23. Elephant Snack Bowl

A sweet way to serve olives (including a trunk pit deposit).

Price: $24

24. Critter Screen Mittens

These critters have microfiber “fur” to keep your screens grime-free.

Price: $8

25. Shower Squids

Guaranteed to make you smile every time you step into the shower.

Price: $36

26. Rubik’s Cube Fridge

Thankfully, opening up this fridge is much easier than figuring out how to solve a Rubix cube.

Price: $149

27. Look Hooks

These hooks will turn all of your utensils into cute kitchen pals.

Price: $12.99

28. Match Book Set

Each matchbook looks like a novel that has been banned at some point in the past.

Price: $8

29. Hedgehog Dryer Buddies

They “burrow” into your laundry to keep away static and soften your clothing.

Price: $9.99

30. Bowler Hat Colander

Avoid wearing this on your head during the cooking process if you don’t want to end up serving your hair along with the food.

Price: $12.50

31. Nessie Ladle

A Nessie sighting…in your soup!

Price: $17

32. Cloud Catcher Cotton Swab Holder

A container to keep your cotton swabs fresh and fluffy as miniature clouds.

Price: $12

33. Ladybug Contact Lens Holder

A delightful way to transport your contacts.

Price: $5

34. Bear Travel Pillow

A bear hug for your neck.

Price: $30

35. Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Made of stainless steel to help keep your cocktails chilly.

Price: $20.99

36. Giraffe Soap Dispenser

The soap comes out automatically, so this guy is perfect for a family bathroom.

Price: $29.99

37. Skateboard Cutting Board


Thankfully the “wheels” don’t work—that would be dangerous!

Price: $17

38. Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

We all drink tea made by a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine.

Price: $10

39. Narwhal BBQ Skewer Set


Narwhals = your new barbecuing BFFs.

Price: $34.99

40. Nibble Cheese Board & Knife

It even comes with a little hole to store the mouse-knife in.

Price: $30

41. Pea Ice Cube Tray


These pods will make smooth, perfectly spherical ice-cubes.

Price: $16.99

42. Kitty Measuring Cups


Just add two cats of sugar and 1/3 cat of milk…

Price: $34.99

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