40 DIY Decorating Ideas With Recycled Plastic Bottles

This article is dedicated to how to obtain home decorative objects from recycled bottles. Instead of throwing out them, there are so many cool ways to re-use plastic bottles. They can be used for a variety of interesting home decorations, such as curtains or room dividers, vegetable or herb container, Jewelry Stand, Chandelier and so on. Many of these handmade decor just require little time and only a pair of scissors…

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2 | Making curtains or room dividers of the bottoms of plastic bottles.

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-2 Tutorial:  interldecor.blogspot.com

3 | Foot stool from old plastic bottles

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-3Tutorial:  sodahead.com

4 | Using painting plastic bottles to decorate the wall.

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-4Source:  Michelle Brand

5 |  Plastic Bottles Chandeliers

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-4-2Source:  Michelle Brand

6 | Plastic Bottles Curtain/View Blocker

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-5Source:  Michelle Brand

7 | Hanging light design from old plastic bottles.


 8 | Colorful Chandeliers


9 | Chandeliers

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-6-2Source:  Michelle Brand

10 | DIY old plastic bottles storage idea.

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-7Source:  pluii.com.br

11 | Old plastic bottle into vegetable or herb container.

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-8 Source:  livinggreenwithbaby.com

12 | DIY fences using recycled plastic bottles.


13 | Plastic Bottles Fence


14 | A stunning parking canopy of recycled plastic bottles.


15 |


16 |

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-10-2Source:  thisiscolossal.com

17 |  Making clever garden sprinkler.


18 |


19 | Plastic bottles wreath.


20 | DIY Kitty planters from plastic bottles

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-13Source:  bloglovin.com

21 | Plastic bottles greenhouses.

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-14Tutorial:  ana-white.com

22 | Bottle Cap Curtain

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-15Source:  fvue.nl

23 | Plastic Bottles Into Snowflake Ornaments


24 |  Plastic Bottles Tree

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-16-2Tutorial:  google.com/translate

25 | Plastic-Bottle Zipper Container

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-17Source:  flickr.com

26 | DIY Plastic Bottle Rocket Power Jet-Pack

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-18Source:  woohome.com

27 | Candy stand made from 2 Liter bottles.


28 | Hanging Wall Garden

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-20Source:  rosenbaum.com.br

29 | Solar Bottle Bulb

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-21Source:  boredpanda.com

30 | Piggy Bank

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-22Source:  es.paperblog.com

31 | Rainbow Bubble Snakes from soda bottles

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-23Tutorial:  housingaforest.com

32 | plastic bottle butterfly decoration

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-24Source:  icreativeideas.com

33 | Recycled Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-25Tutorial:  epbot.com

34 | DIY soda bottle penguins


35 |  Plastic Bottles Vertical Garden


36 | Autumn Crafts Apple

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-28Tutorial:  creativejewishmom.com

37 | DIY yarn holders from plastic bottles

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-29Source:  pinterest.com

38 | Cute bottle planter

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-30Source:  goodshomedesign.com

39 | Clever plastic bottle reuse for the camping

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-31Source:  meijosjoy.blogspot.com

40 | Bird feeder

DIY-Plastic-Bottles-ideas-32Tutorial:  theownerbuildernetwork.co Source: Woo Home

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