35 People Who Ruined These Statues In The Best Way Possible

Where you see a statue, they see an opportunity for hilarity.

I don’t know how to get there either.

AD-Messing With-Statues-21Source: imgur.com

Spiderman’s foe.

AD-Messing With-Statues-22Source: reddit.com

Someone’s a little jealous.

AD-Messing With-Statues-18

What is that?

AD-Messing With-Statues-29Source: statueposing.com

A gorilla chokehold is hard to escape.

AD-Messing With-Statues-32Source: reddit.com

Dude, check it out.

AD-Messing With-Statues-33Source: reddit.com

May I have this dance?

AD-Messing With-Statues-34

Hey there good looking.

AD-Messing With-Statues-35

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