30+ Life Changing Products Everyone Should Own

We’ve searched far and wide, scouring the entirety of the internet – and our expert neckbeards have determined that these are the ultimate products that no one should ever be without.

01. LED Temperature Faucet Nozzle — $4.99


Instantly know the temperature of the water coming out of your faucet with this LED faucet nozzle attachment. No batteries required – its powered by the flow of water exiting the nozzle – hot water turns the LED red, and cold water turns the LED blue.

02. Electronics Cleaning Putty — $9.89


This cleaning putty is perfect for cleaning your electronics. The putty will conform itself to any item to get into all the cracks and crevices and pull out any dirt and debris. Its easily the coolest, safest, and most thorough way to deep clean your electronics.

03. Adjustable Measuring Cup — $9.10


The adjustable measuring cup is a clever little baking tool to save time and space, allowing you to throw out the endless assortment of various measuring cups and use just one adjustable measuring cup for all your cooking needs.

04. Oreo Dunking Spoon — $4.99


Say farewell to those sticky fingers next time you get your snack on using the Oreo dunking spoon. This unique utensil fits snuggly into the cookie so that you can conveniently soak it in delicious milk without making a mess or dropping it in the cup accidentally.

05. USB Rechargeable Batteries — $16.08


Recharge your batteries like never before with these innovative USB connecting rechargeable batteries. These easy to use rechargeable batteries pop their top and plug into your USB slot on your computer to get their electrical mojo re-supplied.

06. One Trip Grocery Bag Holder — $8.99


Real men carry their groceries in one trip – and now with this clever “one trip” grocery bag holder you can make that single trip even easier. Simply hook the device around all of the bags, and grab the handle to quickly bring in all the groceries and throw out your back!

07. Pizza Scissors Spatula — $11.99


Cut and serve a full size pizza with ease with the Pizza Scissors Spatula. This brilliant kitchen tool merges scissors and a spatula so you can cut and pick up a pizza slice all in one quick motion without burning your hands or having any toppings fall off.

08. Endless Edges Brownie Pan — $34.95


No more fights need to occur over who gets the tastier corner brownies thanks to this endless edges brownie pan. With this uniquely shaped brownie pan, now every brownie piece will have a fine crust for added deliciousness in every little bite.

09. The Bed Fan — $79.99


If you are constantly uncovering yourself from the bed sheets at night because you can’t maintain a cool temperature then you need a Bed Fan. The Bed Fan will quietly disperse hot air under the sheets and keep you cool all night long so you can get a good night’s rest.

10. Hangover Prevention Patch — $6.00


Now with the hangover prevention patch you’ll be able to drink until your hearts content, no matter what day of the week it is. Once applied, the patch replenishes the body with essential vitamins and nutrients lost during an epic night of excessive alcohol consumption.

11. Waterproof Notepad — $13.06


Are you a deep thinker in the shower, coming up brilliant ideas but never being able to write them down? Now you can think up tons of great ideas in the shower and capture them with these waterproof notepads. Each pad includes forty waterproof blank slates.

12. Windshield Display GPS — $149.99


The windshield display GPS conveniently projects directions and other useful information onto your car’s windshield so you can keep their eyes on the road while receiving guidance. With a quick glance, you’ll be able to see all the information you’ll need.

13, Bike Lane Light — $25.96


Stop getting hit by cars and trucks while you foolishly decide to ride a bike on poorly lit roads, now you can create your own visible bike lane with this clever bike lane laser light that easily attaches to any bicycle and projects a safe perimeter for drivers to see.

14. Water Fountain Sink — $6.95


Easily turn your faucet into a water fountain in seconds with these clever tap squeeze devices. Now you can easily rinse out your mouth after brushing your teeth, just squeeze the device at the bottom and instantly the water will get redirected upward like a fountain.

15. Potato Chip Bag Resealer — $16.98


Keep your chips as fresh as the day you first opened them by using the potato chip bag resealer. With one simple swipe along the open end of the bag, this handy little device creates an air-tight seal that keeps the delicious contents fresh and crunchy.

16. Ultimate Breakfast Machine — $44.99


Mornings will never be the same once the ultimate breakfast machine enters your life. In just five minutes this glorious machine will make you a complete breakfast sandwich. It’s the delicious and cost effective way to clog your arteries from the comfort of home.

17. Pop Out Outlet — $47.98


Hide the electrical outlets when not in use by installing these pop out outlets. Their innovative design is perfect for a modern and minimalistic home – when you need them, a simple push from your finger reveals a pop-out outlet cube ready for use.

18. Never Soggy Cereal Bowl — $19.99


Keep your cereal from getting soggy with the Obol “never soggy” cereal bowl. This one a kind cereal bowl is divided into two sections – one for your milk and one for your cereal. The Obol is also great for soup and crackers, chips and salsa, and cookies and milk.

19. Mass Water Balloon Loader — $15.00


Drown out your enemies in a barrage of water bombs with help from the mass water balloon loader. This ingenious product easily hooks up to a hose and fills up 100 automatically tying water balloons in just 1 minute! Your team will never be short on ammo again.

20. Portable Door Lock — $20.00


Get the privacy you need by taking the portable door lock everywhere you go. This handy device installs in seconds without any tools to provide a dependable lock whenever the need arises. It’s a great way to add a bit of extra security to the home and works even better for travel.

21. Hidden Flask Tie — $27.95


With the hidden flask tie firmly secured around your neck, no amount of overtime or TPS reports will be able to crush your spirit, or kill your buzz. Apart from improving your creativity at work it will also make you the sharpest dressed employee at every casual Friday.

22. Thumb Ring Book Page Holder — $3.99


Not since The Clapper has an invention so simple yet so brilliant come along as the thumb ring book page holder. Designed to comfortably fit around your thumb, this clever tool will make reading softback books easy with the use of just one hand.

23. Toilet Seat Pedal — $24.99


This toilet seat pedal is a brilliant solution to end fights over leaving the toilet seat up and down. Just like a regular trash can pedal, you step on the pedal to lift up the toilet seat, and remove your foot when you are done and the toilet seat slowly drops back down.

24. Stuffed Hamburger Press — $19.95


Make a delicious artery clogging hamburger like never before with the stuffed hamburger press. Regardless of whether you want to stuff your burger with cheese, bacon, or pure lard, the hamburger press makes it a cinch. Just grab your ingredients, stuff it, and press it.

25. Selfie Toaster — $75.00


Feed your body – and narcissistic tendencies – with a well balanced breakfast made using the selfie toaster. Once you select the perfect selfie to upload, the toaster then etches your lovely mug onto the bread for a one of a kind edible portrait. #Toastie.

26. Foot Rest Hammock — $30.00


Kick back on casual Fridays while you toil away at endless TPS reports with the foot rest hammock at your desk. This small hammock attaches to each end of the desk and is completely adjustable to fully suit your lounging needs.

27. Hands Free Umbrella Dome — $59.99


Laugh in the face of mother nature with your own personal hands free umbrella dome that will shelter you from the rain while giving plenty of room to talk on the phone, keep your hair all fancy, and ensure you’ll get plenty of looks from jealous haters.

28. Toilet Illuminating Strips — $12.95


Never miss your mark in the middle of the night with these toilet illuminating strips. These clever strips glow in the dark so your late night trips to the toilet don’t end in a nasty mess thanks to your poor aim and bad vision. You’re welcome, men.

29. Fan and Light Bulb Pull Chains — $6.98


Now you can easily distinguish which chain is which with the fan and light bulb pull chains – Brilliant! These novelty pull chains feature a quality design and build and provide a small yet eye-catching detail that’ll make working the light and fan much easier.

30. Snuggle Pillow — $28.95



This snuggle pillow will always be a shoulder for you to lie and cry on. This pillow is machine washable, includes the removable t-shirt, and also is a great neck pillow. Makes a great gift for the constantly neglected forever aloners or girls on the rebound.

31. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker — $69.99


Liven up your morning showers by blaring some of your favorite music on the waterproof bluetooth speaker. This versatile speaker is compact, floats, and is entirely waterproof – making it the ultimate way to listen to tunes while at the beach or pool.

32. Doorbell Camera App — $199.00


See who is at the door without even being at home with this clever doorbell camera app. Every time someone’s at the door, you get a notification sent to your smart phone that gives you the option of either answering or ignoring them if it’s a unwanted solicitor.

33. Desk Cup Holder — $19.99


Now you can easily have a cup holder on your desk with these clip on desk cup holders. No longer must you place your drink on top of your desk, dirtying the glass, warping the wooden top, or risking knocking over and spilling your drink all over your keyboard and mouse.

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