30 Fabulous DIY Decorating Ideas With Repurposed Old Suitcases

You would rather let the old suitcases lie around gathering dust than making them dress your home. Am I kidding? No, you can do it! Recycling the old suitcases to decorate your home really is an exciting idea.
They can give you an artistic house with personalized decoration style.It is not difficult as long as you unleash your imaginations. For example, you can make a suitcase into a bed side table or bathroom cabinet or even a vintage decoration for wedding party. It’s all up to you as you have the idea and the old suitcases.
Here are some wonderful design ideas for you to reuse and recycle old suitcases to add more personalized dresses to your room. Get inspired!

1. Rainbow suitcases decoration.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-1Source: bellemaison23.com

2. Cool wall decor with old suitcases.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-2Source: amazonaws.com

3. An old suitcase lid turn into breakfast tray.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-3Source: motherearthliving.com

4. Make a vintage suitcase table.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-4Tutorial: starsforstreetlights.com

5. Flowers in suitcases for outdoor party decor.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-5Source: pepperdesignblog.com

6. Old suitcases for a vintage TV stand decor.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-6Source: designsponge.com

7. Dresser with old suitcase storage.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-7Source: eclecticallyvintage.com

8. Use old suitcases to create a makeshift nightstand.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-8Source: buzzfeed.com

9. Wedding guestbook in an old luggage.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-9Source: blovelyevents.com

10. Wooden suitcase as a towel shelf.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-10Source: somethingcreatedeveryday.blogspot.com

11. Bar in a vintage suitcase for wedding decor.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-11Source: weddingchicks.com

12. Simple bed side table.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-12Source: apartmenttherapy.com

13. DIY cat bunk bed from old suitcase.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-13Source: hometone.com

14. Suitcase craft supply storage.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-14Source: inspireco.blogspot.com

15. Old luggage planter.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-15Source: blog.freepeople.com

16. DIY bedside table.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-16Source: lessthanperfectlifeofbliss.blogspot.com

17. DIY Trunk to Rolling Bar

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-17Source: apartmenttherapy.com

18. Vintage stacking suitcases home decor.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-18Source: thelocker.typepad.com

19. Dog Bowls from Vintage Suitcase

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-19Source: petprojectblog.com

20. Fresh towels storage idea in a guest bathroom.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-20Source: bijoukaleidoscope.com

21. Suitcase medicine cabinet

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-21Source: homeideasmag.com

22. Suitcases suited for stairways

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-22Source: pinterest.com

23. Cute suitcase table.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-23Source: whiletheysnooze.blogspot.com

24. Suitcase Picnic Table and Speaker System

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-24Source: instructables.com

25. Vintage suitcases tower.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-25Source: eclecticallyvintage.com

26. Snowman painted on old suitcase for Christmas decor.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-26Source: countrylanecrafts.blogspot.com

27. Suitcase medicine cabinet in bathroom.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-27Source: decozilla.com

28. Rolling Under-Bed Storage with suitcases

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-28Source: bhg.com

29. Make Shelves From Vintage Suitcases

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-29Source: blog.krrb.com

30. Old luggage decoration for outdoor wedding.

AD-Old-Suitcases-Decor-30Source: bristolvintageweddingfair.blogspot.com

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