26 Incredible DIY Ideas for Your Backyard This Summer

These 26 craft projects are so awesome! Honestly, they’ll just upgrade your backyard from “drab” to “fab” in no time, unless it was already fab to begin with then it’ll just take it from “fab” to “faaaabbbbb”, there’s a difference. Some of these are simple and can take a few hours to make while some others are a more long-term project. Either way, they’re fun to make and fun to have especially for the summer months!

1 | Plant giant Allium flowers to make your backyard look whimsical.

1Via Bin Bin

2 | Build a simple tree house.

2Tutorial via Apartment Therapy

3Tutorial via Domesticated-Engineer

4 | If your fence has holes, place marbles in them to make it beautiful! You could even drill the holes yourself, it’s that nice.

4Reddit /u/ icametodropbombs

5 | If you’ve got an old bunk-bed lying around, turn it into an outdoor lounge.

5Via Rambling Bog

6 | Make a giant Scrabble set.

6Via Sunset

7 | Make your own fire pit.

7Tutorial via DIY Network

8 | For a cheaper version,try this DIY.

8Tutorial via The Art Of Doing Stuff

9 | Make a giant hammock bed swing!

9Via Apartment Therapy

10 | Make wine bottle tiki torches to light up your parties at night.

10Tutorial via Design Sponge

11 | Turn your backyard into a beach.

11Via Sunset

12 | Go camping!

12Via Pinterest

13 | Use a trampoline instead of a diving board in a pool.

13Via Pinterest

14 | Make some teepees for backyard fun for the kids.

14Tutorial via My Cakies

15 | Turn old tires into a playground.

15Via Studio Dish

16 | If your cat is an indoor cat, build them a walkway so they can get some sun and not get lost!

16Tutorial via Cuckoo4Design

17 | Make an outdoor rain shower with a hose!

17Tutorial via Fine Craft Guild

18 | Put a sheet over a line strung between trees to make a beautiful and simple canopy.

18Via Julia

19 | Make your own pizza oven.

19Tutorial via The Cob Oven Project

20 | DIY a simple and small bar for guests.

20Via Turtles And Tails

21 | Hack an IKEA table and turn it into an outdoor stove.

21Tutorial via Ikea Hackers

22 | Make a game of Twister right on the lawn!

22Via Little Birdie Secrets

23 | Use salad bowls to make some awesome speakers.

23Tutorial via The B-Roll

24 | Use pallets to make a cheap seating area to fit more people.

24Via Pinterest

25 | Create outdoor chalkboards for the kids!

25Tutorial via My House And Home

26 | Make hideout tents with hula hoops and shower curtains!

26Tutorial via Alanna George

Source: Diply

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