25 Hidden Room Ideas That Will Give You The Impression Of A 007 Movie

Admit it. Pretty much all of us have fantasized about having hidden rooms or secret passageways in our homes that will take us somewhere awesome. For these lucky folks, that fantasy is a reality. Take a look at these amazing secret rooms, nooks and passages, and you’ll soon be trying to figure out how to turn your doors into bookshelves or your cabinets into doors. While all of these secret rooms are cool, some of them are making us sick with jealousy!

This cute passageway connects two kids’ rooms.


This shelf opens up to reveal an adorable reading nook.


This child’s dresser leads to an awesome secret playroom.

secret-playroom-firstApartment Therapy

secret-playroom-nextApartment Therapy

This gorgeous old bookcase hides a secret room.


A hidden office lies beyond.



This hidden gun safe is stylish and safety conscious.

secret-gun-safe-firstCreative Home Engineering

secret-gun-safe-nextCreative Home Engineering

Check out this amazing hidden guest room.

secret-guest-roomStash Vault

This hidden room is one of the most stunning we’ve seen.

secret-door-bookcaseTrying to Balance the Madness

This bookshelf conceals a hidden bathroom.

secret-bathroomID Homes

This shelf doubles as a secret door.


This Hawaii hotel has a concealed bar.


Beyond this wine lies more wine. A whole cellar full!

hidden-wine-cellarHunch Mag

What lies at the top of this hidden staircase?


Behind these kids’ shelves you’ll find a hidden reading room.


This wardrobe leading to Narnia is probably the best thing ever.




This secret door is just amazing.

hidden-reading-nookBook Riot

Forget a secret room, this investment firm has a secret pub!

hidden-pubCari Mullaney

Behind these shelves is a hidden playroom.

hidden-playroom-firstTrying to Balance the Madness

hidden-playroom-nextTrying to Balance the Madness

This concealed play nook is genius!


This bookshelf leads to a hidden library.

hidden-libraryThe Steampunk Home

hidden-library-nextThe Steampunk Home

This hidden bedroom looks ridiculously cozy.

hidden-denEckelman Brothers Construction

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a hidden bed?

hidden-bedThe Owner Builder Network

These secret passageways are awesome.

cabinet-secret-passageSafestyle Windows

This shelf has a hidden secret.

bookshelf-secret-roomStash Vault

A suit of armor guards the entrance to this secret office.

armour-secret-room-firstCounter Hack

armour-secret-room-nextCounter Hack

armour-secret-room-resultCounter Hack

Source: Awesome Inventions

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