25+ Helpful and Genius Life Hacks to Upsize Your Tiny Kitchen

A small kitchen is a problem of many homes. Tiny kitchen always seems crowded and often messy for the simple reason that it is difficult to organize your cooking tools and food. But don’t let a small space get you down. Here we have a round-up of 28 hacks will help you de-clutter, maximize kitchen space and simplify your life. Whether it be the clutter of your cooking tools or a lack of space for work you can find a solution to everything in these tips. Have fun!

1. Kitchen cart and dining table:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-1Source: ikeahackers.net

2. A Hidden Power Outlet:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-2Source: houzz.com

3. Invest in Modern Pull-Out Storage Systems:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-3Source: bhg.com

4. An Under-Cabinet Knife Drawer:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-4Source: americanwoodworker.com

5. Even a narrow rolling cart can serve as extra storage:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-5Source: thelittlefrenchbullblog.tumblr.com

6. Use hooks and a little basket to create a storage space under the sink:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-6Source: iheartorganizing.blogspot.com

7. A Hidden Top-Load Washing Machine Inside the Kitchen Island:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-7Source: blogs.cotemaison.fr

8. Vertical Storage Holds

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-8Source: thehammerandnail.com

9. A Pull-Out Workspace with Storage Drawers:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-9Source: myhomeideas.com

10. Corner drawers:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-10Source: instructables.com

11. Stick magnetic racks to the side of your fridge:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-11Source: instructables.com

12. Pack a Kitchen Island With Storage Drawers, Cabinets, a Dishwasher and a Trash Compactor:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-12Source: lifeinkitchen.com

13. Hack your unopenable “drawers.”:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-13Source: thediyclub.com

14. Set simple open shelves as extra storage:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-14Source: houzz.com

15. A Folding Kitchen Island:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-15Source: thekitchn.com

16. A great way to store your pans:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-16Source: glideware.com

17. Create an Instant Additional Storage with Wire Baskets:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-17Source: bhg.com

18. DIY canned food cabinet:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-18Source: classyclutter.net

19. Use a small curtain rod to store lids for easy access:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-19Source: instructables.com

20. Divide the Drawers for Flatware Storage:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-20Source: bhg.com

21. Set Up a Pull Out Recycling Station:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-21Source: homebunch.com

22. Fold-Down Surfaces – Doubles as counter space and breakfast bar:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-22Source: thekitchn.com

23. Foldable table with hidden storage shelves:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-23Source: apartmenttherapy.com

24. Slide-Out Cutting Board on Wheels:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-24Source: bhg.com

25. Rotating Sink With Cutting Board and Colander:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-25Source: woohome.com

26. Sliding Shelves for Cabinets:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-26Source: davesgift.shopregal.ca

27. Use a Lazy Susan for corner storage:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-27Source: bhg.com

28. Ditch the knife block:

AD-Tips-for-Tiny-Kitchen-28Source: snackobacko.com

Source: WooHome

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